Monday, July 25, 2005

Musings: Jason's First Time with Us

Last week's "date" was just awesome! I'm not sure if it was because Jason and I hit it off very nicely when we'd met on Monday, because Dee hadn't been fucked deep and hard by anybody new in almost a year, because I'd studied the pictures of Jason's cock daily and fantasized regularly... Yeow! I could just go on here... because it was so cool how he asked us where we'd like him to cum the first time, because he filled Dee's pussy with a voluminous amount of thick cum, because his cock felt so good in my mouth when I firmed him up for his second time with Dee, because he was like a veritable fucking machine that second time when he did her doggie style and she just kept cumming and cumming like when Don does her in the ass, because I liked how Mike seemed to be just as excited as I was when we were watching Dee and Jason get it on. It was decidedly great all around!

I'm going to recount the general events of this last date here. The times in parentheses will indicate the precise time that each event happened as indicated by the time stamp on each digital picture I snapped so you can follow along with how our date with Jason unfolded.

(6:00) The excitement started before we'd even left the house that evening when Mike text messaged me to let me know that Jason had called for the room number and that he'd be arriving around the same time that Dee and I would be joining Mike at the motel. As it happened he wasn't there yet when we knocked on the door (6:13) so Dee and Mike shared some tender hugs and kisses to get started and then (6:15) a playful Dee got on the small table with her skirt hiked up and presented her white thonged bottom to Mike, the camera and me. Mike's fingers traced each of Dee's smooth thighs and his fingertips moved about her labia majora and the thin strip of white fabric covering her inner lips and her clitoris. I love it when she knows she's turning us on in a major way and she was - both arousing us and loving every minute of it. After a minute or two of me snapping pics of Mike teasing her cleft (6:17) Dee got down from the table, hiked her skirt up from behind and mounted the table once more, this time on her forearms and knees to present us with her sweet ass. It was then when we heard the knock on the door (6:18) and I went over to welcome Jason to the room with a spring in my step and a huge grin on my face.

It was somewhat amusing that for as unsure and tentative as Jason had sounded in his mails, even up to the last minute, about his nervousness and uncertainty about playing with Dee, once he was with us there was no shyness about him. He swept Dee into his arms (6:19) for their first kiss and shortly after (6:21) he helped her remove her blouse and bra and then after another deep kiss or two her skirt and thong. He undressed down to his navy boxers (6:21) and pulled the fully nude Dee close for some full bodied hugs and even more kisses and I looked hungrily to his crotch area to see his cock stiff under the dark fabric where Dee's fingers were toying with it lightly, and then I felt the remarkable thrill of watching Dee ease down her new lover's undies (6:22) to give him the touch he was obviously craving. Again the lovers joined in a kiss as Dee took Jason in her classic grip with the fingers of her right hand wrapped around his swollen shaft with her left hand cupping and kneading his full balls and her fingertips easing just behind them to tickle and tease.

Dee's wet tongue caresses
the "sweet spot" of her
new lover's hard cock.

It wasn't long before Dee guided Jason backward to the edge of the bed (6:23) and eased him onto it while lowering herself to her knees at the same time. Jason had barely settled himself onto the bed when Dee was reaching for his stiff cock and guiding it between her soft, wet lips. It was then when I got my first really good, clear view of Jason's dick and I was pleased. While it fell maybe a little shorter than I anticipated based on the pictures he'd sent, it was beautifully sculpted with a nicely shaped head and it was obviously as hard as rock as I watched my wife study it with her lips and tongue. I liked the look on Jason's face while Dee sucked and licked him - a look of deep satisfaction and maybe still a little incredulity that the very pleasure he'd long anticipated was finally upon him in the form of my honey's mouth. Mike moved in to kneel alongside Dee (6:25) to finger her ass and slit which fueled her passions even more than they'd been already stoked. Dee paused from sucking on Jason's excited cock and raised herself to kiss Mike. I didn't watch their kiss because my gaze was fixed on Dee's sweet little hand wrapped around the dick that she'd just been sucking and my thoughts drifted to way back when - back to when Dee had first told me about giving hand jobs to some of the guys she dated before we met. I felt my own cock throb a little; those of you who know me know that I have somewhat of an obsessive fetish of thinking about the sex Dee had before we'd become a couple and seeing her hand full of Jason's aroused cock reminded me of one of her stories about her past in a most delightful way.

When Dee returned her attentions to Jason (6:26) she did a quick lick around his glans and I let go a hearty but silent cheer when I watched Dee lick her way down Jason's solid shaft and continue with her oral ministration on his balls. Sometimes I think Dee senses most fully the power she has to build a man's desire to the absolute edge when she's working over his nuts; I love watching her doing a guy's balls with her face because it usually makes her lover squirm and gives her what might even be a somewhat smug sense of pride in her ability to turn her lover on even more than he had been when they started playing. Dee's skilled tongue did its magic well because in under a minute Jason stopped her and reached to draw her up onto the bed with him. The new lovers laid side by side (6:27) and began kissing and fingering each other passionately but that lasted only a very short time when Jason moved himself so that he could kiss Dee's pussy and run his tongue along her slit while she continued stroking his cock. After a few licks Jason told us that he was close to cumming and asked Dee where she'd like him to squirt. She deferred to me and without hesitation I reached down, separated her labia to give him a bird's eye view of Dee's dripping hole and said, "Here looks good!"

I snapped a fantastic pic (that none of you will be seeing) of Dee with a huge magical grin on her face as she raised and parted her legs (6:28) for Jason to position himself between them. My gaze and my lens then moved quickly downward to where he was putting the glans of his stiff cock to my wife's opening and I held my breath as I watched her new lover ease the head of his cock into her body and saw her moist lips seal themselves around him. I moved behind the action just in time to see Jason nudge his hips to drive his very hard dick firmly all the way into Dee where he paused for what seemed like an eternal second before he drew himself back to start pistoning her very slick hole. On his outstroke I could see Dee's juices coating Jason's cock; I love knowing how turned on she is when I see her lover's dick glistening with her natural lube like that.

It only took a minute and not too many strokes of Jason's cock in Dee's pussy and he was spraying inside her! (6:29) It was a most indescribable moment when I saw the first trickle of Jason's cum oozing from the tight seal where Dee's labia encircled his cock and clung to the hard shaft moving between them. With fluid motions Jason's hips rocked back and forth and every time the full length of his cock skewered Dee and slid backward a little more of his warm, white cream drizzled from my wife's warm hole. It leaked down in a small rivulet, over her tight perineum, right over the center of her asshole, down between her buns and quietly began to puddle on the sheet of the bed, and still Jason's cumming dick kept drilling her pussy and spraying up inside her. When Jason finally sighed and withdrew from Dee's pussy (6:30) there was still much cream to photograph as it flowed out of Dee's beautifully used bottom. A little while later I chuckled and told Mike that I'd flip him for the creampie. Ever the good friend that he is, he offered it to me and wasn't going to insist that he have it. She tasted wonderful!

On a side note it's always remarkable to me how time seems to slow down when I'm watching Dee in action, and without that Einsteinian requirement of traveling near the speed of light. If not for having the times on the pictures to follow I'd have estimated maybe a half hour to forty minutes had passed between Jason's arrival and his filling Dee's pussy with cum when in reality it had only been about eleven minutes!

After I licked Dee to orgasm she laid Mike back and mounted him (6:33). I never tire of watching Dee, especially when she takes the dominant role and position to pleasure her partner. I watched her sinewy back and soft round ass move in a ballet of sweet flesh as her pussy slid up and down her lover's eager cock while with short easy thrusts Mike met her movements from below to push his dick even deeper inside her. Dee came. Mike came. He slid out of her pussy (6:36) and I watched transfixed again as another man's cream leaked from my darling wife's glistening hole.

They parted and Mike wasted no time as he started to finger Dee. Jason joined in and while Mike played with Dee's clitoris Jason worked a finger up into her. (6:40) Both Mike and I had told him about her G-spot area along the upper wall of her tunnel and from my vantage point that's exactly where Jason seemed to be fingering her on the inside. The guys brought Dee to orgasm manually, and then Mike ate her (6:43) to bring her to climax again. No sooner had Dee's body stopped twitching from the spasms of her climax than she was up on elbows and knees leaning over Jason (6:44) and going for his cock with her mouth once more. He wasn't quite rising to the occasion and by that time I'd built up quite a hunger for this new cock that I'd been watching for the past half hour so I asked Jason if he'd mind my having a taste. (6:52) He'd confessed earlier in the day that he might want to bypass anything bi this first time so I was very happy when he invited me to suck him. I took great delight in working over Jason's dick with my very hungry lips and tongue and in a bit of time he was ready to fuck Dee again. Because he'd told me in an e-mail earlier that same day that he'd been thinking of doing Dee doggie style she scrambled into that very position upon my suggestion and Jason got behind her.

I watched while forgetting to breath again when Jason once more slid his dick up into Dee (6:54). Unfortunately, her pelvis was at an angle just a little off and Jason wilted while trying to get a good rhythm going. I was quietly thrilled when he laid back on the bed and said to me through a grin, "I think I might need your services again." I set down the camera, offered Jason a cock ring and waited for him to slip it on; then I licked Dee's delicious juices from his dick and eased him back into my mouth to work on making him good and hard for her. After a few minutes he was mostly stiff and I moved back so he could have another go at Dee. He paused for a moment after slipping up into her hole (7:01) and then he started moving inside her.

For seven solid minutes thereafter Jason fucked Dee like a well oiled, precision tooled machine. The camera snapped as if with a life of its own from above, from the side, from below as Jason drilled Dee at a rather remarkable pace. The sounds of his thighs slapping off Dee's buns were like a Latin percussion section and I nearly giggled with utter delight when Dee came hard and then just kept cumming again perhaps every minute while Jason hammered her pussy from behind. The sounds she was making and the spasms coursing through her body told me that she was loving this fucking perhaps as much as when Don fucks her in the ass in the same position. If Jason hadn't asked me for the time only for us to discover that soon he'd have to be on his way home the sound fucking he was giving Dee might have continued through a record setting number of orgasms for her. (Not that any of us were counting.) But, unfortunately, it was time for Jason to get ready to shower and head out, and he slid out of Dee's hole (7:08) with deep regret. She eased herself to the edge of the bed where Jason stood after he dismounted and gave his cock a quick flick of her tongue and a warm kiss before following him into the shower. At around 7:15, just about an hour after he'd joined us, Jason was gone, but what a great time we'd had with him!

Our fun evening continued and at 7:30 I filled Dee with my own load of thick cream. We took some time for Dee to coat Mike's cock with chocolate syrup and lick it all off, and for her to offer him a chocolate nipple to clean up. At 7:45 Mike was back in Dee's pussy. He had her cumming again and again, and he pumped her full of cum for the second time just a minute before 8:00. Three minutes later, I lit the "3" candle on the brownies that Mike had brought along and we celebrated the end of our third year of sharing our sexuality with others. We ate brownies. We played with strawberries and ate them too some of them with Dee's fresh "cream" on them. We talked, and laughed, and enjoyed each other's company immensely as we always do when we're with Mike, and by 8:30 he was fingering her pussy passionately while I was strumming his dick with our favorite vibrator and remarking about how he's always hard. At 8:32 Dee started working over Mike's cock and balls with her mouth, but just for the fun of it because he was already as hard as steel for the third time of the evening, and at 8:34 I once again enjoyed the sight of Dee mounting Mike and guiding his excited cock back into her juicy pussy. I laid down on the bed beside them and stroked my own cock while I watched Dee's pussy caressing the length of Mike's as her bottom moved up and down. How I love the sight of her great ass in motion!

When Mike was close to cumming, he got Dee onto her back and slid back inside her while I adjusted my own position to watch the action close up. I was on the verge of orgasm when I saw Mike's cum start to flow down between Dee's buns, but before I could stroke myself to climax Mike slid out of Dee and I knew he was going to "fountain" on her. I jumped up and grabbed the camera just in time (8:45) to see Mike's cock blast a volley of cum onto Dee, some of it hitting the pillow beside her head with a soft plop. He gushed some more to spray her tits and her belly while finishing his third climax of the evening. Because I'd been so close to cumming when Mike got up squirt all over Dee, I needed some immediate relief. Mike sucked me while Dee licked my balls and then at about 8:48 I stroked myself to climax with Dee still lapping at my nuts. After washing and tidying up the room a bit, Dee slipped her panties back on at 8:58 and a few minutes after 9:00 shared a last kiss with Mike before we headed home. Because of all the "becauses" with which I began this entry and all of the details I've just recounted, it was a truly great evening!

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