Thursday, October 20, 2005

Half-Nekkid but Totally Normal

Ah! Half-Nekkid Thursday again!

I had over 500 pictures of myself in various stages of undress on the web six years ago and I was always making more in as many thematic settings as I could dream up. It's a wonderful thing when you know you don't look like anything special and yet you find that people from all over the world are flocking to see you with your clothes off. It's addiciting, and I was certainly "a-dick-ted" to showing myself nude and frequently in the grip of the ultimate physical pleasure to the world. (Particularly to the hundreds of Japanese guys who visited my site weekly. I still haven't figured out why I was so popular in Japan.)

That was a long time ago, though - a veritable lifetime ago for how much my life has changed since then. For one, back then I was only bi-curious and still just thinking about the things I wanted to try with other guys. My love life consisted of mostly jerking off and generally abusing my cock in trying to discover new ways to give it pleasure, and in grudging sex once a week or so, when I was lucky, with Dee whose main goal was to endure it and get it over with as fast as possible. I was still hooked on chatting on the Undernet then, (real chat for those of you who know only of AOL, Yahoo, and MSN chat.) and mostly having a miserable, empty time in living.

Lord, how much I've changed! I sit here now weekly going through thousands of pictures of myself from my naked heyday trying to find a single, somewhat demure shot of myself to feature on my Half-Nekkid Thursday entry, pretty much shaking my head the whole time and wondering what I was possibly thinking back then when I was snapping pics of myself shoving things up my ass and strapping homemade devices to my dick in experimenting with hands free pleasure that would make hardcore dominatrices wince. It's easy to find lots of quick, dick in your face shots of the sort that I enjoy showcasing on cockbloggingwednesdays. Hell! I made thousands of them! It's a lot more challenging, though, to find some less risque ones in there. (Strangely, I've not even considered making new ones and keep going back to my archives. I wonder why? I'm not sure.)

It's kind of crazy, but sharing Dee with other guys is actually fairly mellow compared to things I did with myself back then. Look at me now, sitting in front of my computer with my clothes off looking somewhat normal rather than rolling around on the floor with wires taped to my cock and hanging out of my ass with varied voltages running through them!

I like being this guy now, though I can look back at the crazy man fondly recalling his unorthodox pursuits of pleasure. After all, this guy's looking forward to getting a rim job from his wife's lover tonight! That's orthodox. Right?

In front of my computer with my clothes
off looking somewhat normal.
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