Saturday, October 08, 2005

The New Girl at Work

I woke from my typical fitful coming awake this morning, my brain filled with thoughts of fucking the new "girl" at work. Oh, she's a MILF - not a girl at all and within a year or two of Dee's age, a regular spitfire and hellion of a woman with a refreshingly irreverent attitude that's a lot like mine. I've known her for quite some time; she'd worked with me before but as a temp rather than full time. Now she's on the staff - and I'd love to get her perched on my staff.

I've said for years now that I'd like to have a playmate like Dee has in Mike and Don - somebody I could fuck on the side, but with whom I could express a mutual affection in our coupling. This is such a woman! I'd take off her panties not with only a throbbing horniness in my cock but with a happy, joyful heart as well. It would be the kind of sex that's meaningful as well as fanstatically pleasurable.

I fear there's nothing new that I might teach her - she's hot enough to know all the moves on her own, but maybe that's just my perception of her based on my desire to lie down with her. Regardless, there are images of her and me together that replay themselves over and over in my sex-filled brain. I see my balls on her chin as my glans explores the general area of her tonsils. I hear her make that uniquely feminine, "Mmmglllllf," sound when I go into her mouth too deep, but then I hear her chuckle as she bobs her head all the way back and then forward to do it again. I imagine her to be one of those women with a double jointed tongue, able to work it all around my swollen cock even when it's totally buried in her mouth, bringing me to the edge of bliss but knowing when to stop before I spill what's destined to fill her elsewhere.

I see her stretch a string of precum from the tip of my cock to the tip of her tongue as she looks right into my eyes and then crawls up my body to kiss me with my own clear drop of desire on her lips. My hand snakes between her soft thighs and my fingertips search out her slit. A single fingertip presses itself into her cleft and then glides upward to part her inner lips. I feel the turgid bud of her clitoris as my fingertip completes its journey. I bring it to my nose and take in her scent deeply, and then to my mouth where I lick the white cream of her arousal with her lips only millimeters from my own. My hand goes to her breast as the other travels down to her soft, round ass. A gentle squeeze here, a playful slap there, and our tongues come together through open lips. We can't wait any longer. I need her on me. She needs me in her.

With much affection I pull her atop me and guide her slick bottom to where I need her. The tip of my cock feels her labia kiss it. I press forward just enough for it to slide into her slit, and with gentle nudges of my hips I help it to seek out the distinct dimple of her opening. We both gasp softly when my hardness feels the resistance of her flesh give way and as if by diffusion my cock begins to enter her delicious body. We kiss, deeply and with feeling as I complete my journey and the very tip of my excited dick says hello to the small apple of her cervix.

We dance the ancient dance with eyes wide open, speaking wordless volumes each to the other about life, and affection, and pleasure. Her flesh caresses mine inside her, and each time her beautiful ass rises and falls the amazing pleasure deep in my center increases. I pretend - I see myself an untiring stud, able to do this for long, slow, luxurious hours rather than minutes and each more frenzied than the one before. I want her to cum on my stiff dick - over and over, with passion, with soundless open-mouthed screams of pleasure, each time better than the last, and each time pledging to do this with me again, and often. Then in a moment of indescribable and utter bliss I want to fill her body with my warm semen. I want to spray and splash it to the four corners of her innermost being for her to feel in its living warmth the affection that I feel for her. I want to whitewash the totality of her internal womanly parts with it, squirting into her with the force of cannon shots to punctuate each spasm of my complete joy. I want her to squeeze me when my smallest shudders have subsided, to drain every drop of my manly essence into her magnificent body before we come apart. And hours later, when the clear remains of my liquid affection are oozing slowly from her pink parts into the crotchband of her panties, I want to smile just the smallest smirk in knowing that my sperm are still swimming all around up inside her sweet body, and making love to her like millions of tiny cocks.

And then, I want to suck her husband's cock!

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