Saturday, October 15, 2005

Sharing Dee on Our Own Bed

Tomorrow, if all goes according to plan, Dee will make love with Mike here, on our own bed, in the morning, rather than on an impersonal motel bed on a typical date in the evening. It's here, on our marriage bed, that sharing her with her lovers takes its deepest and most intimate form when she raises her smooth legs in this space where she has done the same for me countless times. It is here in this intimate, hallowed place of love and vows where our relationship with one of Dee's lovers approaches polyamory - where a man can enter Dee most fully emotionally even as his hard cock plays out the touching of their souls in the most tangible sense.

Don, Dee's first extramarital lover, was the first to take her here in our home only a month after their first time together. Their love making that day raised the bar of how fulfilling and beautiful such an experience of sharing her might be. Their pace in undressing each other and savoring each morsel of bare, excited flesh was maddeningly slow and their sweet affection for each other manifested itself so blatantly in each touch of electrically charged fingers, lips, and tongues as they foreplayed toward the pinnacle of arousal when their need to be fully joined together reached its zenith. Don brought Dee to a number of open-mouthed, but speechless orgasms with his long, stiff cock first moving within her pussy with deep, firm strokes, but when he slid from her pussy to her ass it made her prior pleasures pale by comparison to the intensity of the anal climaxes he delivered to her. When Don finally came deep between Dee's soft buns right here on the very mattress where she and I so often come together as one, it was one of the most meaningful moments of sharing her that I'd ever known, or have known since.

It was Gerry whom we invited to our home next because once again the rare opportunity of having the house all to ourselves presented itself to coincide with one of his visits here from New York. I'm certain that if Gerry lived closer to us he'd be as regular a lover to Dee as Don and Mike. We bonded with him quickly and deeply even the first time that he came out to make love with Dee. He makes love with her with a rare passion that captivates me as much as it pleasures Dee. As with Don, sharing Dee with Gerry here on our bed at home is richly rewarding to us emotionally and we regret that it can't happen more often.

We come full circle now to Mike who's been here with us in our home to make love with Dee on a number of occasions as he'll do once again tomorrow and judging from the copious stream of precum flowing from my cock as I'm keying these very words I am deeply aroused as I anticipate their love making here. Every morning Dee comes down here to her computer beside mine from that warm bed upstairs to chat with Mike, but in just a little more than twenty-four hours from right now, she'll chat with him right here, in person, then take him by the hand up to that same bed - to take off his clothes - to suck his cock till he moans and throbs between her lips - to urge him into her warm, wet, soft, tight center - to squeeze him inside there while whispering passionately, "Fuck me, Mike! Fill me up with your cum!"

Dee will cum hard and repeatedly while Mike fucks her. She'll reach orgasm after orgasm as he strains to hold back his own climax to pleasure her as long as he can, until he can no longer contain his urgent need to let go and spray his warm cream into her. She'll know when that moment is coming. She'll reach down to fondle his balls while he climaxes inside her and she'll reach up to urge his lips toward hers so that they might be as deeply joined emotionally in a kiss as they are physically where Mike's cock is gushing warm jets of his cum into her. And after their screwing reaches its peak and they relax a little, Dee's mouth will search out Mike's cock and balls to do it all again.

And all right here, on our own bed, with me there as a most joyful witness as my wife and her lover join together in their most intimate dance of affection. If you don't understand how I can feel such utter bliss in all of this, don't try - it's not for you. If any part of what I write here in regard to sharing Dee stirs you, though, to move your own marriage into this direction, I encourage you to ponder it deeply and thoroughly while working toward fulfilling the fantasy. Because the fantasy, folks, is like a taste compared to a banquet!

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