Monday, December 05, 2005

Poetry in Motion

Because we like to eat to the max when we hit the Chinese buffet, (Okay, I do - Dee's not a hog.) we postponed our regular Sunday evening romp until this evening (Monday) so we could enjoy our supper yesterday without feeling like we'd erupt during sex later. Of course, by the time I was ready to head to bed I was all horned up and Dee was already asleep so it was time for a solo run. I broke from my usual tradition of jerking off here in the computer chair while scrolling through Dee's shared wife photos to enjoy the video I made of her and Gerry during one of his visits.

I love watching Dee in action. It's the ultimate stimulation, almost on par with being her partner myself, but in a different way. I enjoy seeing how freely she doles out as much pleasure as she can. In one scene of the video she and Gerry are sixty-nining with him on top. Watching her licking and sucking his very stiff cock is good, but it's seeing her fingers dancing all over and behind his balls that really gets to me. I can see Gerry twitch from the pleasure every now and then and something wonderful rushes through me with the knowledge that it's my own sweet wife who's giving him those delightful sensations.

Their fucking is absolutely breathtaking to me! Because their foreplay is typically lengthy and with much teasing, when Dee's ready to feel Gerry's cock inside her, she's ready, and when she assumes the position for his initial entry she's not craving some slow maneuver - she wants him in there yesterday. I watched the tape as mesmerized as always and saw Dee rise from their soixante-neuf, turn herself around, swing a leg up over Gerry's body and hover for only a moment with her beautiful, round ass poised as her fingers guided the tip of Gerry's cock to her slick opening. A slight shift of her left leg and then the magic moment when I saw Dee's hungry pussy swallow Gerry's cock whole. <<<[REWIND] - [PLAY]> A slight shift of her left foot and then the magic moment when I saw Dee's hungry pussy swallow Gerry's cock whole - again. In an instant his balls were taut, pressed firmly against Dee's ass, and, as all of us guys do, I saw him pushing up - trying to stuff even more of himself into her, though there wasn't a millimeter of his stiff dick not already inside her. (I wonder why we do that?)

My dick was throbbing as I stroked it while watching Dee riding Gerry with her usual easy rhythm punctuated now and then by Gerry thrusting up from below to press himself more firmly up into her. I savored the rise and fall of her ass, her sleek back muscles working, Gerry's hands roaming freely over her bare flesh, the sight of his dick glistening with her juices, and the wet noises of their coupling. After a while she dismounted, sucked his cock for a while and then laid back raising her legs and spreading them wide apart. Gerry slid into position and held Dee's ankles high. She guided his cock to her eager hole once more and with a quick shift of his hips Gerry was back in Dee's warm pussy. Gerry has some really unique moves and used a good variety of them to make Dee orgasm repeatedly while holding back his own gusher of a climax for a long time. I finally lost it and came all over my belly when the tape got to the part where Gerry started doing pushups, allowing his cock to withdraw all the way and then sink immediately balls-deep back into Dee.

No buffet tonight. A light supper and then some hot and horny recreations of the scenes I so much enjoy watching of Dee and some of the guys we've taped.

(No! These videos are not for distribution of any kind. Don't ask!)

Gerry on the outstroke of one of his
amazing pushups while he's fucking Dee
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1 comment:

Suze said...

We have footage of our fucking sessions, but somehow the angles are never quite right.

You end up not being able to see the full action.

Joe we need you to come over and film it, your technique is excellent.