Friday, December 30, 2005

Some Stats from 2005

We had 41 extramarital "dates" in 2005 with Dee enjoying the sexual favors of eight men besides myself. Of the eight guys, four were new additions this year, and of the eight all but two guys enjoyed the ultimate experience of cumming in Dee’s pussy. The two guys who didn’t cum in Dee shared their oral talents with her and enjoyed having her suck their cocks. In addition to our regular evenings with Don and Mike, we played twice each this past year with two old friends, Tom and Bill. In 2005 we shared 26 experiences with Don, 38 with Mike, and many of our experiences overlapped because we generally had more than one guy with us on a particular evening. Of the eight guys, I sucked all but two of their cocks. One of my personal highlights was sucking Larry, a very close online friend of a few years, and then bringing him to orgasm with my hand. Another great highlight was eating and then being inside in Jane’s beautiful pussy.

Mike was king in 2005 , sharing a total of 38 love making experiences with Dee. Our times with him are very special to all three of us and he makes Dee cum like crazy. His friendship to us is unique and his love making with Dee is warmly wonderful.

Don, Dee's first extramarital lover also shares a truly special friendship with us. His love making with Dee is always as intense as it is tender and affectionate. He made love with Dee 26 times in 2005.

Tom, who's been with us a number of times, joined us twice in 2005. He's always a lot of fun, not only for Dee, but for us guys as well with his superior cocksucking skills.

Bill is another lover whom we see from time to time. He's totally straight and plays with Dee for hours, making her cum hard and often while he gets himself off a few times too. Along with Don and Mike, Bill's a member of the 3 HOLE CLUB having cum in Dee's mouth, pussy, and ass.

Henry is Jane's significant other and he and Dee licked and sucked each other fondly. Although with everything else going on in the room he didn't make it into Dee's pussy we enjoyed playing with him and I certainly liked having his thick cock in my mouth!

Jason is a young married guy who joined us only once and then fell out of touch. It's disappointing when that happens, but I suspect that a lot of married guys try something new without their wives and then feel guilty about it afterwards.

Tyler, also a young married man was with us only one time. Although we'd talked afterwards of getting together again sometime, he wrote recently that he'd confessed to his wife that he saw us, and that they're still a way off from trying something similar together.

Larry who's been a very close online friend of mine hangs his hat in Alaska and a fortuitous trip brought him close enough to our own backyard for us finally to meet in the flesh. Meet in the flesh we did when he joined us for one of our date nights with Don and Mike. Seeing Larry in person was one of the highlights of the entire year!

Stay tuned as we begin 2006!
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Kim said...

I have enjoyed reading your blog this year. I've fallen behind in my reading but I'm all caught up now and can't wait for 2006!

AlwaysArousedGirl said...

You keep meticulous records. Did you also keep track of the times just you and Dee were together???

GeorgeVanna said...


Magnificent prose and wife.