Saturday, December 03, 2005

Sunny Saturday

Saturdays are among the best days of the week not necessarily because we're off from work and usually get to be bums for the day, but because I get to spend them with Dee. Things that for many, many years were nothing but the most abject drudges, like grocery shopping, folding laundry, maintenance around the house, and other such banal chores aren't anywhere near as miserable when the lady I love is with me - really with me - heart and soul. If you're not tired yet of hearing me contrast my miserable THEN with my joyful NOW, good for you because you'll likely hear me dwell on that change for as long as I write this blog.

Dee agreed to babysit my cousin's one year old till about lunchtime today. (I'd've made up some flimsy excuse and gone running for the hills.) Although our daughters are (hopefully) well off from becoming moms I've already "warned" them against thinking of bringing their kids to grandma and grandpop and leaving them here while they go about their busy things. I don't like little, little kids. They're boogery, and pissy, and shitty, and they make too much noise. Every time Dee holds a wee bitty one and gets that look on her face I say a silent prayer of thanksgiving that her tubes are tied.

They're on their way home now with the little one (Here's hoping she'll nap all morning!) and one of those way too much meat breakfast sandwiches for me from Burger King. Damn, I'm starting to sound like an Existentialist blogger with this slice of life poop. Sorry!

Sex! Lots of sex! That's what I'm supposed to be writing about, but thoughts of wrapping my lips around that big old sandwich has me nearly drooling on my shirt. I'm just a shameless sucker for meat!
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Suze said...

Joe, you will have to be careful when Dee starts bringing the little one back to yours.

You will have to run round hiding all your porn, toys etc. from their prying little fingers. Kids have a way of finding things they shouldn't. Then embarassing you with it, usually in front of relatives. :D

trmptvt said...

Hi Joe, thanks for the note. Our daughter is planning on getting married next summer.
Hopefully it will be a while before they start having kids. At least they are three thousand miles away.
We're having too much fun to share L with a little one.

Rosie said...

But baby's are so cute, as long as they are not crying. Yes, they are cute sleeping also. But there is the urge to hold them and smell their little heads, and kiss the little cheeks and hands.
But look Joe I can comment now. Hmmm, wonder what the future holds.

Dee's Husband Joe said...

The Biker said he had trouble posting a comment here...

Testing 123. Ignore this.

True love for Hotwife Pooh said...

hi Joe,

I think same like suze...

I hope you had happy time



Willy said... can even make a meat sandwich seem sexy.....hell I'm drooling too!!