Sunday, January 08, 2006

Abstinence Makes the Hard Grow Fonder

I put Dee to bed for a nap this afternoon, offering her a quickie with the vibrator before tucking her in. She was happy to accept and got out of her panties in a jiffy. She crawled across the bed to my side where I was kneeling on the floor awaiting her, sat at the edge and grabbed me in a huge hug. We kissed and giggled, I fingered her smooth inner thighs for a minute or so, then eased her onto her back while flicking the switch on "Mr. V." - our affectionate name for Dee's favorite vibe. As I buzzed around her mons with the vibe and toyed with a few fingers in her pussy Dee requested the glass dildo which I quickly put into play. In about a minute and a half after I worked the glass toy inside her Dee shuddered most delightfully as she came for me in big spasms in an orgasm that seemed to go on for a nice while. When her spasms subsided, Dee eased her sexy bottom back into her panties, I pulled up the covers, tucked her in and kissed her while snapping my fingers for the dog to settle in behind her knees just where she likes the big beast to lie when she's sleeping. When I got back downstairs I needed to pee and noticed that my cock was oozing precum after tending to Dee's climax. I wasn't particulary horny myself and I wasn't hard, but there was nature taking its usual course anyway as involuntarily my body responded to Dee's.

Here I am after putting Dee to bed for the night about an hour ago. She was deliciously sleepy after going to a hockey game and we finished watching the TV show that I was in the middle of when she got home. On the evenings when we don't usually make love, such as on a typical Saturday (though sometimes a Saturday morning demands a nice romp), I usually jerk off before heading to bed myself. I'm primed for a good squirt as I'm writing this on the verge of midnight, but I'm thinking that I'm going to forego this evening's pleasure to make tomorrow evening's orgasm extra grand when I erupt into Dee. My climaxes in Dee's pussy have been particularly fantastic lately for some reason and if I hold off from cumming tonight I know that blasting off in Dee's hot hole tomorrow night will be extra great.

So I bid my semi-hard dick a hearty, "Good night, Sweet Prince," and away he goes till he takes the plunge tomorrow into Dee's warm pool of sexual delights.

Enjoying Dee's magnificent pussy
on a quiet evening at home.
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Suze said...

Joe, you have marvellous self control. I can't manage without several screws a day.

You will however reap the reward later. ;)

Biker & Teacher said...

What a beautiful way of being tucked in. Dee is very lucky.

And I agree with Suze; you will get your's later ;P

The Teacher