Tuesday, January 31, 2006

A Thin Piece of Fabric, Infinitely Thick

As I laid next to Dee this morning for some quality cuddle time after my shower and before hers my fingertips casually landed on her thigh, poised with a few of them touching her panties and the others touching her bare leg. I thought of all the times I've watched her take off her panties for her lovers. If they're still on during the beginning of their foreplay they come off at the precise moment when Dee wants her guy to touch/lick/fuck her instead of just beating around her bush - always one of the most scorching moments of a date night for me. I thought too of the women with whom I interact on a typical work day and wondered what their pussies look and taste and feel like under their own panties. Frankly, there are a few of them who are such utter bitches that I'd fuck a squirming, clawing mountain lion before I'd put my cock anywhere near them, but I'd still enjoy seeing them do a pole dance in a thong and then later flip open their slits with a few probing fingers for my viewing enjoyment.

For most of us, there's a suit of armor between our genitalia and the outside world - a suit of chain mail and forgen iron as thick as the fabric covering our goodies. It may as well be impervious metal because it protects us against the lecherous gazes of the perverted as intended by mores and laws. But, what of those of us who'd love to have our fun parts ogled by anyone who might want a quick peek or a lingering stare? Alas! What this world needs is a good nude theme park or something in every city where we can let it all hang out without fear and without having to drive half a day to hit a nude beach in Jersey.
Down with panties! Down with underwear!

Where I touched Dee this morning during our cuddle
time and thought about today's musings.
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1 comment:

Biker & Teacher said...

A nude theme park! Interesting! Do you need investors for for this project. This idea gives a brand new meaning to Busch Gardens.

The Teacher