Saturday, February 11, 2006

The Center of Attention

Every guy who's ever owned a cock has appreciated having a lover study his piece of prized flesh. I remember a Friday evening when Dee and I were newly dating. She'd taken me out to her home town, out of state, to her parents' house for the weekend and I was assigned to the extra bedroom in the basement - the room that was her former fiance's room when he stayed there - the very bed upon which she made love with him a number of times before we met. Bedtime rolled around eventually and Dee came downstairs with me to "say good night." She let her blue robe slip from her shoulders and came to me in her panties gently guiding me to the bed, lying me back, and sliding my boxers down my legs.

I can't remember another time in all our years together in which I was so conscious of having my cock "studied." Dee touched it all over covering every last square millimeter with a single fingertip, her eyes following her finger as if she were trying to memorize each and every last minute detail of my engorged flesh. It was an amazing feeling emotionally. Dee seemed to be saying, "I love you. I love your cock," as she examined it lovingly and drove the roadmap of my pulsing veins so slowly with her finger.

We were interrupted by the harsh sound of Dee's mom calling down the stairs to her, "That's long enough, you two." Our lust must have been that obvious to her all evening. Dee ran her toungue around the rim of my glans, gave the sweet spot of my cock a big, long, lingering wet kiss, slipped back into her robe and kissed me good night. I stroked myself, full of the warm, wonderful feelings coursing through me, and at the moment of my climax I let go an amazing rope of cum that nearly hit the ceiling. Twenty-three years ago, and I remember it like it was just last night.

I love having my cock studied adoringly and teased.
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Suze said...

Joe, I'm a true believer that women should worship cock at least once a day.

I love the picture, so teasing, my mouth's watering. ;)

Desireous said...

God that is SOoooo sexy!!!


Leesa said...

I love loosing myself studying a particularly wonderful cock. Yours is wonderful, by the by.

NeverEnough said...


AlwaysArousedGirl said...

Oh yes. Looking, touching, teasing, studying the reaction...wonderful.

Mac said...

What a sweet memory, Joe.