Sunday, February 19, 2006

Precummin' in My Pants

I stained the front of my church pants with precum - from the inside out!

Here I was for the past half hour or so, quietly looking through picture sets of Dee making love with Bill and thinking about them doing it again this week, and I could feel that unusual brand of excitement down in my cock that I get when I'm really into anticipating a date night. Never mind that we're still not sure that the weather and Bill's job will cooperate to ensure that he'll be able to make it down from New England; I'm as horny as if she were going to do somebody new for the first time. Scrolling through some pictures of their past couplings and thinking about Bill and Dee doing it all again had me oozing right through the fabric of my boxers and pants, which I just discovered a little while ago when I suspected that I might have gooed right through and glanced down to see the dark spot about the size of a dime right over where the tip of my cock was pressed against the material on the inside.

One thing I really like about Bill is that he isn't one of those one shot wonders who joins us for an evening of fun and then disappears into the ether afterwards. He keeps in touch with us and makes the long drive down to see us a few times a year. He enjoys an evening with Dee fully and doesn't waste a minute of potential pleasure for either her or himself. He makes love with her with a noteworthy, sweet passion which is evident whether he's the recipient or the giver of pleasure at any particular moment. He's always sure to give the others and me our fair share of Dee. He doesn't just sit on the sidelines watching, though; he keeps himself insinuated in the action by offering his cock to Dee for her to touch or suck - something she likes when another hard one is inside her. He's just an all around really likable guy and an excellent lover to Dee. And, he's the only guy other than Mike, Don, and myself to belong to the "Three Hole Club," having cum in Dee's mouth, her pussy, and in her ass.

This afternoon Dee and I will have the house to ourselves and I'll be able to put this steady stream of precum to good use, perhaps by anointing Dee's clitoris with a heavy drop before putting my tongue to her sweet folds. Till then I don't think this stream is going to stop. Well, maybe for a minute or two at church, but that's only if there aren't any hot MILFs sitting nearby.

Bill enjoys the sight of his hard cock dipping into
Dee's tight ass as well as the extra snug sensations
his dick is feeling, especially when she's cumming.
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Desireous said...

Goodness you are such a naughty boy! No wonder I can't stop reading your blog!


AlwaysArousedGirl said...

You are such the dirty boy! I knew other people besides myself were thinking dirty thoughts in church.

Kim said...

I'm letting everyone on my blogroll know, I've moved my blog. My new address is

If you could help spread the word, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!