Saturday, February 04, 2006

Usually Worth Those Thousand Words

Besides sharing Dee "in the flesh" with her various regular, occasional, and one-time lovers, there's still a good degree of excitement in sharing her in the way in which it all started - online in pictures and in her mails to and from the guys who write to her. Finding out on the 'net that other guys besides me enjoy seeing her nude was the real epiphany to Dee; taking it that extra step to the bedroom with Don was actually a smaller step, I think.

There are a few dozen guys who've been with us since nearly the very beginning when we first showed some of Dee's nude pics online who continue to write to us regularly. If they lived closer to us there's no doubt that some of them would be Dee's lovers too; they push her buttons quite well with their words alone and they have the patience and understanding to survive a long distance, internet relationship which spans distance and time and at times disappears under the radar when "real life" interferes with the best intentions to keep up with mails. I don't know, except for a few, if any of them read what's over here on the blog, but those of you who visit me here in addition to writing to Dee, you know who you are and hopefully how much we appreciate how good you make Dee feel on a regular basis.

I lament that there are so many women out there who are like Dee was back then before our lifestyle changed and our sharing began - women who are so worth looking at with their clothes off but don't believe that they are. How I'd love to be on the writing end with one of them someday - to be somebody's "Don" and to convince her that she's beautiful regardless of the little imperfections through which she can't appreciate the overall package of her body.

I'd make an offer here for guys to send me pics of their wives nude, along with their wives' e-mail addresses so I can write to them, but I won't. I'm not going to get into doing the mails with a jacker who feeds me pics of his wife and pretends to be her and then beats his dick to my mails. So... If you get your wife to hold a little sign with "Deesjoe" on it and she just happens to be totally naked while you take her picture, we'll talk.

A pic I snapped this morning for a horny Mike who was on
the other end of a chat with a hard cock. Of course by the time
I was finished photographing Dee I was pretty hard myself
and in need of her most gracious womanly attention.
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