Saturday, March 04, 2006

Achin' for the Bacon

I honestly can't remember the last time I came awake so rabidly horny as I am today - as I awoke just a little while ago to the sound of Dee's little fingers on her keyboard as she chatted with Mike whom we'll be seeing later in the best possible way - with all of our clothes off. But it's not a matter of being horny for myself; what I'm so in a delicious tizzy about is that I can't wait to suck Mike's cock. I haven't been this excited about sucking a man since that first time that I knew I was going to do it with Don. I don't know why I'm as keyed up today as I am about it, but the evening isn't going to get here soon enough.

I need Mike in my mouth - in the back of my throat - I need to feel my tongue on his balls - to hear his moans of pleasure and to feel him gently rolling his hips to slide his hard cock in and out of my lips. Never mind that the ultimate part of the evening will be when my wife takes him into her pussy and mewls with the pleasure that his passionate love making will give her - that I'll hear her urging him to cum for her and to drain his balls inside her. For whatever reason all of that is secondary to me right now and my entire focus is on Mike's hard cock and my own mouth.

Sucking cock has become, perhaps, one of the most liberating feelings I've experienced in my life. I was a homophobe for most of my existence. In some ways I'm still not totally comfortable with two guys or two ladies setting up house together and living like a married couple, but I've come a long way as my uvula can attest. One of my best moments in a sexual experience with Dee is always in those few seconds right before I put my cock into her. She's lying back with her legs raised high and wide apart for me and she's sporting a Cheshire cat grin. My cock is throbbing as I ponder the magnificent sight before me, all laid out for our mutual pleasure. I feel some of that same high love of life right before I take a cock into my mouth. It makes me hyper alive, somehow. I'll never understand it, but I don't really care. Bring on the dicks!

Looking at pictures of Dee enjoying Mike
orally isn't helping me to calm down
one bit as I look forward to
this evening's cock sucking.
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GeorgeVanna said...

joe and dee

george and i can't wait to check in later tonight after we get home to get a full report on the evening


AlwaysArousedGirl said...

" my uvula can attest..."

That cracks me up.

Hope your evening was fun, Joe.

roundsquare1 said...

I agree! Also feel the same way!