Sunday, March 26, 2006

That Aching Need

"I was constantly feeling overwhelming sensations of sexual arousal, which were purely physical and not accompanied by romantic or sexual fantasies. Basically I felt the need to have repeated orgasms which was never relieved by normal orgasmic experience."

That's a quote from a woman who "suffers" from PSAS - Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome. It affects women. They find themselves aroused and wanting to orgasm all the time.

Welcome to manhood, baby!

I escaped for a while from my kid's First Communion party to rush home and crank one out.

Yes, I'm making light of a "serious medical condition," but read that quote up at the top of this post again and that's not terribly unlike what a lot of us guys feel much of the time. Orgasms are like being high and I don't know about you, but thoughts of my next one are never very off the path of my stream of consciousness.

Just because I'm cumming doesn't mean
I'm not thinking about nor desiring the wonderful
and delicious sensations of my NEXT climax.
BTW, it's the angle of this shot making
El Dicko look shorter than he really is.
Just figured I'd mention that for those of
you who fantasize about my cock and me.
(I really AM in a mood today; aren't I?)
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GeorgeVanna said...

yes you are.

Suze said...

They are the only addiction I have these days. ;)

Desireous said...

Yes Sir sent me a copy of the orgianl article. I thought it was quite interesting but I couldn't figure out why they are calling it a syndrome. I have the same "Symtoms" but I don't think its because I have something wrong with me. Sheesh! Why do highly sexual women always have to have a name and a disease anyway. You know? ARGH!!!
I love the cum shot! Makes me even more hungry!


Mac said...

I'm with you Joe. My thoughts are never far away from my next orgasm either. I thought everyone was like that. LOL