Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Where's Emily Post When You Need Her?

So, is it appropriate to e-mail somebody and ask if the Mrs. is a hot wife?

For a while, though it's now defunct, my ISP featured a listing of fellow subscribers' "home pages" - those usually stupid little areas where more often than not one reads something in plain text such as, "This page under construction. Last updated July 26, 1997." The folks who move a little beyond that often have a few lousy quality photos of the grandkids, the pets, and babies. Oh, how everybody wants to show off their pruny little baby to the world. Every now and then, though, I used to hit pay dirt and find a picture or two of a hottie, usually the wife of the guy who was tinkering with making the website. D (husband) and J (wife) were one such couple I discovered a few years ago. I wanted J in bed the minute I laid eyes on her!

D made up a really nice website. There were pictures of their new home with one shot of J in shorts standing on a stool doing some painting and although the picture was totally innocuous I spent a long time staring at it on various occasions and thinking about that lady in the shot. Thinking in part that she most likely had no idea that some "creep" in their own backyard, practically, was looking at that image of her with a brewing lust for her in his heart. Neither would she dream that the photo of D and her and their son seated in front of the Christmas tree would raise an eyebrow as well as said creep also studied her smiling face and imagined how it might look with his cock wedged between her lips.

For years I revisited their little website and there was never an update. Just those same pictures of hot J that made me pause and dream a little. And then, one day, I decided to do a little detective work... A mouse roll over J's e-mail link revealed that it linked to a mail account on a different domain than our ISP. A peek at the barebones URL to that domain revealed that the domain name was for sale with a contact link to yet another e-mail address of J's on another separate domain. A trip to that domain dot com and Voila! There was a whole 'nother website of D & J and their little family. Since I'd originally found them they'd added a daughter to the mix and she turned three last year, so it's been a while that I've been lusting for J secretly.

I thought I might cum in my pants when I found on the new site some pics of J taken when she was pregnant, with her shirt up and her bare belly showing and with a devilish gleam in her eyes - almost as if she could see me through the camera lens - through the online connection that led me to that image of her. Oh, I know that that's no more than a wicked fantasy, but I have so few unfulfilled fantasies that I need to indulge myself in the rare one that comes along. The site is sprinkled with pics of J all over the place. Totally innocent pics, mind you - innocent pictures that this dirty mind of mine makes into steaming ones. Like would I really pull down a woman's pants, bend her over the table in her dining room, and take her right there? In the middle of her kid's birthday party as she's serving up the cake and ice cream? Hmmmmm. Maybe I better not answer that one. Maybe it would depend on if she really, really wanted me to.

So anyway, to return to the question with which I began this post... Is it proper to e-mail a guy from out of the blue to say, "Hi. You don't know me, but I found your family website and I think your wife is really hot looking. Is there any chance that you share her in bed with other guys? If you do, please let me know and I'll introduce myself properly in hopes of sharing in some mutual sexual pleasure with her."
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AlwaysArousedGirl said...

A small word of advice, if I may...

If you do that, please use an anonymous email account and send it from a cybercafe of some sort. Or the library.

That way they won't be able to track you for stalking...


MikeCindynJoe said...

Too funny, Joe! Of course if all of our neighbors knew what we were thinking, 90% of us would probably be shot and the other 10% might get what they want!

Gosh, if the gal who used to live across the street from us only knew what I was thinking while she worked in the garden!

"And if my thoughts and dreams could be seen,
they'd probably put my head in a guillotine." -- Bob Dylan

Hi Joe, you don't know me but...


serendipitygirl said...

the funny thing would be if the husband actually found the idea erotic while his wife would be scrambling around trying to change their website...lol

Desireous said...

I'm with AAG about the anonymous address my line of reasoning is that the guy may want to punch you if his wife isn't a hot wife! Though really if your posting hot pics of your wife you have to expect some reaction. I think there is nothing wrong with asking. I have guys ask me all kinds of questions all the time. I'm never bothered that they do...hee hee okay I'll fess up I actually like that they do. :-)~


AlwaysArousedGirl said...

Isn't there some sort of code for that sort of thing?

Like you email and say, "Hey, your wife is so HOT." and they just know what you mean, wink wink, nudge nudge?