Friday, April 28, 2006

Compared to What?

If you're a parent, think of that feeling you get when you're standing outside the fence when your little one is going round and around on some kiddie ride at the amusement park - seeing that little face lit up with utter delight - hearing those squeals of pure glee as you wave at him and he waves back. You don't really care that you're going to spend most of your time at the park without going on the big rides yourself. You're not there for the kind of pleasure you'd get on the roller coaster, but rather for the kind of pleasure you get when you're ensuring that the ones you love are having a great time.

It's kind of like that with sharing Dee with her lovers. I'm not there primarily for my physical pleasure, though I'll have that too, but mostly for the joy of seeing Dee deriving such great pleasure from her own sexuality - specifically from sharing it with others.

Imagine if you'd been told that you'll never walk again, and then one day waking up to find your legs in perfect working order - so much so that you leap up and start dancing. Sometimes I think that's how it must feel to Dee to have her sexuality manifest itself so remarkably after a near total absence of it for most of her life. Is there any wonder that she finds such deep satisfaction in using it as often and as much as she can, with a variety of lovers each whom brings to the bed his own particular brand of pleasures in both the giving and receiving? How must it feel to Dee, to be alive again and to celebrate that resurrection of her sexual spirit so freely and beautifully?

"Think of that feeling..."

"Imagine if..."

So many of my writings here are of that style where I have to invite you to compare what sharing Dee feels like to things more common and much more likely to be familiar to the typical monogamous mindset. Sharing one's spouse's intimacy is that unique an experience. Unless you've been there, the best you can do is compare bits and pieces of the various elements - the arousal, the emotion, the excitement - to your known bag of experiences and hope to somehow put them all together in order to get at least some idea of what I'm always talking about here.

It's tough to want to share these feelings with others, yet know at the same time that ultimately it's not truly possible.

It's impossible to verbalize the feelings in
a moment when your darling wife shimmies
down onto her lover's hard cock.
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RobbieG said...

Absolutely beautiful ass. I wish I could eat that up. I also like the pic on Dee's profile with the black pantyhose and panties. She is so hot in those.

Rosie said...

It is a beautiful picture. And deep felt words

AlwaysArousedGirl said...

Love your words. I know that feeling exactly and you expressing it so well.

The WPC said...

What a stunning picture....ah if only my partner were as open minded as you both are, I'd be one very happy girl. I love him, don't get me wrong, but I never feel that my body was made to be exclusively his.......yet that is where I am trapped. Hey ho...I enjoy reading your blog though...I guess I live that lifestyle through you instead.