Sunday, April 30, 2006

Liking the Looking

I got my mitts on Playboy and other men's magazines freely in my early teens at my cool uncle's house. I'd sleep there often on weekends just so I could hang out with him and when he and his wife would retire to their bedroom I'd stay up much later to jerk off on the living room couch while thumbing through his collection of mags. Even then I wondered about the ladies in the pictures beyond what was printed about them - wondered if they thought about the guys like myself who were going to be pleasuring their cocks while looking at their nude bodies. Somehow that made a difference to me and I liked to believe that the pictorial babes knew full well that thousands of hard dicks would be spraying their gooey testimonies to their ability to arouse us by taking off their clothes and showing us their fun parts in all their blazing glory. Not only did I want to think that they knew we'd be pulling our puds to their bare bodies, but I rather enjoyed thinking that they posed with a certain smugness in knowing that they had the power to make us squirt for them.

That's still a big factor in making a particular picture scorching hot for me - thinking (or better knowing for sure) that the lady in the picture wants me to pleasure myself while I'm looking at her.

Mimi seemingly retired her blog with no fanfare back in December, her very last post having been written specifically for me - to honor my request to describe what she's thinking when she's nude in front of her husband's camera. Yep. That's what I like knowing a woman was thinking when she was bare before the lens. (I miss Mimi, and hope she's doing well. Any old friends of hers still in touch with her who can give me an update?)

Anyway, I take much delight in photographing Dee if you hadn't guessed, and I love how much it arouses her to know, even as she's in front of my lens, that lots of guys will likely be seeing her nude and touching their dicks as they're looking at her body. By her own admission Dee played with most of the boys she dated throughout high school in one way or another, and from what she told me about those years she rather enjoyed exciting them with her body. I've shared this particular quote here at the blog before, but it still grips me with a particular strength. Dee wrote about the married lover who took her virginity, "I liked feeling his hardness, knowing I was able to make him want me. It was a very powerful feeling." That seems to sum up her attitude about being seen and appreciated by the guys online who see her pictures and write to her about them.

Never did I believe that Dee would assent when four years ago, with a quiver in my voice, I asked her if I could post a few nude pictures of her online with an invitation for horny guys to write to her. I'm so glad she gave me the green light after only a few days of begging. She is too. Making and showing off Dee's pics is admittedly a strange hobby for a married couple, but we're still having a ball doing it. I like how it makes Dee feel when she knows she's turning somebody on, and she's right - even on my side of this equation, it IS a very powerful feeling knowing that she makes men want her.

When Dee's in front of my camera it's a lot of
fun and even more later when she hears from
the guys who enjoy seeing her nude.
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GeorgeVanna said...


More terrific stuff. Thanks for keeping it and us up.


Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more. I always masturbate to photos of women who are looking full at the camera, imagining that they are watching me perform for them.
ONANIA � The Journal of Chronic Masturbation: Liking the Looking

Buttpluglover said...

Well, maybe it will turn you both on to know that I could easily masturbate to the most recent pic - I love that smile and chin! - and probably will later tonight.

Good lucid post; food for thought.

Jon Jonz said...

I agree with buttpluglover. The smile and chin is SO hot.