Thursday, May 04, 2006

Going Nowhere in a Hurry

This blog will turn a year old in a few weeks with about as much fanfare as a wet fart gets in church. For a year I've poured out my heart and soul in good times, bad times, and blah times, and I'm wondering if I don't know now what it is that made some of my favorite blogs go belly up - simply running out of steam.

Have I said all there is to say?


I don't know.

It stopped being fun a month or so ago. I've tried to get the momentum back, but I haven't been able to do it.

Is this one of those "I need some time off. Maybe I'll be back," deals? Could be. I really don't know right now.
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RobbieG said...

I am getting by on the writings of others. It seems to me that those who are living a sex filled exciting life, aren't spending their time writing about it but are busy doing it and life. You and a few other bloggers seemed to be the exception. But you have gone through a traumatic time as I am now but yours was far more personal to you so I suspect the feelings have hit you deeper than you might have guessed. You have returned to your lifestyle but life isn't the same anymore. You have seen that it is far more fragile than we dare think. You will get over this and so will I. In the mean time, relax and take in life. We'll all be here rooting for you and Dee. Who knows, I may just start writing again. We need you Joe but rest for a while.

AlwaysArousedGirl said...

I'd hate to see you go, Joe. : (

Buttpluglover said...

Everybody needs a break now and then. I take plenty of breaks from my blog; it's always nice coming back after a couple weeks.

GeorgeVanna said...

please don't stop joe. you and dee are almost like members of the family.


Mac said...

Well, Joe, just as georgevanna said, you and Dee are like members of the family. I know I've certainly got a lot of pleasure from reading this blog. There would certainly be a void that would be hard to fill if you shut it down. Please keep it up even if you don't feel like writing every day. You and Dee have been great friends and I don't want to see you go. Mac

Darkneuro said...

Take a vacation. Take a week off, put up the 'gone fishin' sign and take a week off. Reassess.
That being said... A YEAR??? We'll have to throw you a party.

Suze said...

Joe, there seems to be a general malaise spreading through the blogosphere at present. Bloggers are taking time out, have nothing to say or even going to the extreme of closing up shop.

Hang on in there, we all have times when nothing seems to inspire. Being creative drains and from time to time we all need to step away from the keyboard.

After all, authors can't continually churn out books so how can we expect to turn out post after post without taking a break.

We will all be here patiently waiting for you.

MrManicDepressive said...


I'd hate to see you go too. You're living my dream! Take a break if you have to, recharge your batteries, get a different perspective on things or just be lazy. I enjoy your blog, hell, it's almost summertime. I think most bloggers are getting ready to just head outdoors for a while. It happens.

Whatever you decide, thanks for sharing Dee and yourself with me. It's been a great read so far!

Good luck with your decision. I hope you stay.

this girl said...

Nooooo, don't go - there are hundreds of pictures of your HANDS that need to be shared!!!

Seriously, though, i hope you stay!