Sunday, June 11, 2006

Love Me? Love My Balls!

If I live to be ancient I'm never going to stop kicking myself in the ass, at least figuratively, for not telling M, (my sister's best friend with whom I did all of my earliest sexual experimentation), to lick my balls when she was down there sucking my cock on numerous exquisitely pleasurable occasions, typically Sunday afternoons when my parents went to visit my grandma and M and I took to my bed for our weekly playtime. Mine was the first and the only cock she had to toy with for a few years and I was a most willing guinea pig as M developed and perfected her cocksucking skills on me, teaching herself how to make me cum in her mouth with mostly lip and tongue action and very little use of her fingers, and how to swallow every drop without the smallest spill. But, kid that I was, not once did it ever occur to me to guide M's happy mouth south to the boys and tell her to give them a whirl with her tongue too.

Love me, love my balls! Dee knows that a well
placed tongue on my nuts does things
to me that nothing else can match.

It would have to have been the first time Dee dipped down to give my bags a tongue bath that I first learned of the amazing pleasure to be gotten from having my nuts licked and sucked by a warm tongue. The trouble was, though, that it wasn't something she really enjoyed doing. I was treated to a nut job only on very rare occasions (I'm talking years between one and the next.) and any urgings on my part to encourage her to visit down below when she was giving me a lackluster cock licking or sucking were met with ambivalence or even worse, anger. It would have been better if she'd not shown me at all how fucktastic it felt to experience a good scrotum noshing rather than to give me the epiphany and then back off for months or years at a time. But those regrets are in the past now, thank heaven, and I mention them only to illustrate by comparison the decidedly wonderful sex life I have now, as I often do here at Ye Olde Blawg.

When I created my alter ego some four years ago and started writing to Dee as Mr. Camden Holst, and then when our talk in e-mails turned sexual, I was quick to tell her (though she knew not that it was I who was writing to her) how much I loved having my balls licked, especially behind them as close to my asshole as a tongue would dare to venture. And then when the things I wrote started to make their appearance in our bedroom later, I nearly hit the ceiling when Dee slid my dick from her mouth, lifted up my nuts, and dove for "The Camden Spot" with her eager tongue. That's a regular part of our foreplay now - an almost necessary one as far as I'm concerned. Nearly always, right before we screw, I lie back with my legs wide apart for Dee to go to town on and under my balls 'cause nothing gets me more ready and eager to slip up inside her than feeling her lips and tongue down there doing their magic with gusto.

"The Camden Spot." Please don't forget about this most
sensitive area down under if you should drive out here
from Ohio, for example, to take me to bed. ;)

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Suze said...

I'm sure Alex and many other will concur that this is a very enjoyable practice.

He likes me to run my tongue around his anus too, it makes him squirm. ;)

AlwaysArousedGirl said...

I would never forget about the Camden Spot.

Now who is this mysterious Ohio person, hmmmmm?


mayport said...

It is especially wonderful to be licked and teased with the tip of the tongue in this spot.