Friday, June 16, 2006

Miscellaneous Slices

Welcome to the first morning post from the "outdoor office!" It's gorgeous out here today, and sitting by my little table in the yard to write this, instead of being in my usual computer corner in the house, is every bit as delicious as I'd hoped it might be. Except for those damned noisy birds in the neighbor's tree; I might need to get out the trusty pellet gun.

Life's simple pleasures truly are the best aside from the really huge whopper of a pleasure that occasionally comes along as the adult equivalent of a trip to the amusement park. (Oh, come on now - are any of you still thrilled to go to an amusement park at our age? Grow up!) This morning before heading off to work Dee invited me to do breakfast with her at the McD's around the corner. I surprised even myself when I chose one of the sunniest booths. In fact, the sun was damned near blinding me because I sat on the side facing it, but I was determined to enjoy the big old ball of burning gas (Okay, technically the gas is fusing, but you know what I mean.) for all it was worth after having had mostly cloudy days for the past few.

We missed out on date night with Mike last evening because Dee was feeling sick again. Just some upper respiratory thing, but enough to make the whole Dee feel miserable. I hate missing a date with Don or Mike because we all look forward to them with much anticipatory glee and horniness. I woke up yesterday morning with a fantastic hard on and my my most immediate thoughts were of sucking Mike's dick as I reached down under the covers to give mine a few Good Morning! strokes. Once I made it to Dee's computer corner, (the corner to the left of my own computer corner), I knew, though, that the day would come to an end, unfortunately, without Mike's cock sliding through my lips. I'm getting "The Hunger" again lately - that all consuming desire to suck dick like there's no tomorrow.

Gary, my best buddy from high school with whom I've shared all the details of sharing Dee as well as my bi experiences, and who subsequently shared with me the fact that he'd been actively bi since the fourth grade, is off in Europe. He's been there for the past few weeks on a work related trip, but with plenty of time to enjoy the continent's laid back attitude about all things sexual. He's been enjoying "the baths" regularly and I can't wait to hear the excitement in his voice when he tells me about all the foreign cocks he sucked and fucked.

Karen's back over at Tits -n- Toast. Drop by and welcome her back to the neighborhood if you get a chance. Someday I might give her a scolding for disappearing without warning, but for now I'm just too happy to have her back and to know that she's okay. Better than ever, in fact!

On that note... Ever since I got online many years ago as a satellite user on Dee's dad's Prodigy account it has been the people on the other end of my net connect that have kept me coming back to the computer as often as I do. I've interacted with thousands of people - tens or hundreds of thousands if you count all the mutes on the receiving end of the pictures and stories of our sex life that I've published and posted online in various forums. I've made many very good acquaintances. And, I've made some true friends. Friends whom I'll likely never meet in "real life" but whose friendship I treasure as much as any I've ever had. If you're one of my blogging friends, PLEASE don't ever disappear without a, "Hey, I won't be around for a while. Don't worry." Just because I don't know your number and can't call you to find out why you've disappeared it doesn't mean that I don't care, that I'm not worried, that I don't love you.

I'm rambling here, but what the hell? I don't do it too often. Do I? I'd hate to think of myself as one of those Existentialist kinds of bloggers. Not that I don't enjoy reading one or two of them somewhat regularly, but I don't want to be a slice of lifer myself. Yes, now and then, like right now for example, I like to drive multiple trains of thought, but most of the time I stick to my favorite erectile tissues and their usual fun uses.

I do, however, very much enjoy slice of life nude pictures - shots in which the person depicted isn't doing anything overtly sexual, and is just going through a moment in real life without clothes on. I like feeling like a fly on the wall when I see a photo like that. It's almost more arousing at times than seeing a picture with engorged genitalia right up there in your face because such a snapshot leaves you feeling like you're seeing something that's supposed to be totally private.

Okay, enough rambling for one day, unless I think of something else later. Have a great weekend, folks!

This picture of Dee mounting her stationary bike is the kind
I was talking about where you get the sense that you're seeing
something of her life that you're not supposed to see - even
more so than in the pics where she's doing something very
intimate with a lover because even as they're being snapped
she knows you're going to be seeing some of those shots.
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