Monday, June 26, 2006

Rainy Monday Musings

It's amusingly ironic that a few days ago I posted about my disdain for sex blogs without pictures and made a new friend as a result - Cheri who writes such a blog at Secret Lovers Lane. I spent most of yesterday reading everthing she wrote from September of '05 when she founded SLL through part of December, and generally having a ball in coming to know her through her writings. I still want to see pictures of this darling MILF, but I'll wait a while before I start bugging her for some. ;)


If it doesn't stop raining here soon I'm going
to scream so loudly that you'll hear me
anywhere on the East Coast. It's depressing.

Why does so much about sex with Dee for me go back to her telling me about losing her virginity to the significantly older, married Richie? Four years ago she wrote the definitive story of the loss of her virginity for her fans who kept asking her about it, and since then I've gone back to it many times to focus on one snippet that I keep reading and rereading while I'm stroking myself and building toward orgasm. It's not always the same phrase or sentence that does it for me; I'll get fixated on one as I'm reading through the whole story for the umpteenth time, and that's where my focus will stay till I cum or I might pause to find a picture showing her doing something that approximates what she's describing in the account and then bring myself to climax while looking at it and thinking about her doing it with/to/for Richie.

This morning, it was this phrase that hung me up. I'm sure I've quoted it here before. "He asked me to suck him but I didn't like the idea at that time so I would lick his cock...," and it was this picture of Dee's little pink tongue doing its magic on a friend that I studied as I was spritzing onto my belly.

"New Girl" e-mailed me late last night and my face lit up like a Christmas tree. I love it when she's thinking about me, especially when she's just writing because I'm on her mind and she doesn't really have anything in particular to say. She makes me feel like a schoolboy with a crush again and that she welcomes my flirting is refreshingly delicious. Since I got married I've had only one other friendship like this one with a woman. That was a long time ago so it's a lot of fun having this one now. This one's even better 'cause Dee thinks it's kind of cute as I think her friendship with her guy pal at work is.

I have a love/hate relationship with my inbox. The little notes that some of you and I exchange somewhat regularly I enjoy a lot. They're usually short, sweet, and to the point. The ones I keep relegating to the back burner and then forgetting about, almost by design, are the deep ones - the ones from guys in shitty marriages when it comes to sex with their wives. Too often they expect me to send a verbal panacea that'll "cure" their wives' sexual dysfunction. Too many of them want to live vicariously through me which I don't mind if they read me here or elsewhere and imagine themselves in my shoes, but I don't have the time, the ambition, nor the energy to correspond with each of them individually in the frequent and lengthy e-mail exchanges they would like. Too many of them want me to send them pictures of Dee from the archives. "Send all you have!" If only they knew how many that would be. I do enjoy that they look at Dee with that gleam in their eyes - bonus points if they're jerking off while they're looking - but I think I offer a lot online the way it is without having to be chained to my mailbox and without having to feel guilty for not being able to cater to all of Dee's fans individually. Maybe I'll spend a little of this shitty, rainy day answering some of the cobweb encrusted mails I've had sitting here for a long time.

On second thought, I've been awake for a few hours now. I think I feel a nap coming on. Zzzzzzzzz.
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Cheri said...

Glad you are enjoying my secret life and I enjoyed our lazy Sunday of exchanging emails.

You probably enjoy envisioning Dee licking his penis..because there is some kind of sexual innocence to it. Personally, licking is get to know every centimeter, every twist....its hot!

PS We'll have to discuss those pix at a later

girlblue said...

Love your blog and how passionate your relationship is. I am younger, in my mid 20's , and hope to be having as much fun as you are with my love some twenty years from now.

Mac said...

Will have to check out this new blog, Joe. And just from me to you, you do share abundantly already without being bothered attempting to answer lengthy emails. I love counting you and Dee as friends.