Saturday, June 03, 2006

Still Wanting Her and Misc. Thoughts

I wrote a back in October about the New Girl at Work. I continue to find her totally desirable, and since I wrote that first piece about her I've become only more convinced that she would be the ultimate friend with benefits. In the past eight months she and I have become great friends, particularly after SHE broke the ice with a sexual innuendo in January which gave me the opportunity to voice my desire for her in at least a playful way. I continue to do so and she eats up the attention. This is something totally new for me and I really enjoy it - feeling this desire for a woman and knowing that if the cards all fell into place my wife would give me her blessing freely to take my friend to bed. I can't help but feel that it would be a thing of great beauty with the same wonderful emotions dancing about the room as are there when Dee makes love with Don or Mike. But how do you say to a married woman, "You know, I'm not just kidding when I say that I want you," without ruining the friendship? I guess you don't. Maybe someday she'll lean into me to whisper a secret and something spontaneous will burst into flames. I can always hope, and I do.

It was a great date night last week with Mike as it always is. For most of this past year or so we spent most of our fun date nights with both Don and Mike together and only recently resumed seeing one without the other. The tone of such an evening when it's just a threesome is much different than when we're in the foursome. The rich emotions between Dee and her lover are warmer and she doesn't have to "worry" about if she's balancing her attention between them so nobody feels cheated.

The busy season at work should end soon and I hope I'll be back in the saddle here more regularly. Till then I'll be making the usual rounds at my favorite blogs. I did update my links to others in the sidebar last week, pruning out the ones which haven't been updated in quite a while. They're in my "Blogs Defunctorum" list into which I'll do an occasional peek to see if they've been resurrected. Please - if you're a fellow blogger and you decide to sink your ship, say so and don't just disappear. It kind of hurts when somebody's just gone one day without a farewell or anything to give closure.

One of the highlights of last week's date with Mike was
watching Dee lick his balls all over and under.
Her tongue down there does some amazing things!
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RobbieG said...

Such a lovely view!

GeorgeVanna said...

Terrific, Joe and Dee

We miss the photo, though.