Monday, June 05, 2006

Want to Watch?

When Dee and I got married we lived in a small apartment which was situated across a very small backyard from a little house. One night that first summer that we were married I was banging Dee doggie style on our bed when I saw the orange glow of a moving cigarette out the back window. The little house across the yard had a set of steps that nobody ever used, but sure enough somebody was there that night, standing on the steps of the little house, watching us through the window as we fucked away. Watching my hips rolling - my cock driving in and out of Dee's bottom - watching her sweet ass rocking and rolling in counterpoint to my own to and fro motions. The lamp beside the bed was attached to a thingie that turned the light on or off in response to a high pitched noise. I hissed a quick, short, "Psssssst!" and the light went off. The show for the smoking stranger was over.

I don't think I told Dee why I'd turned off the light. I might have said that I thought I saw something outside the window because I knew she'd be embarrassed if she knew that we'd been seen, not only nude, but while having intercourse to boot.

Little would I have dreamed while I finished fucking Dee that night in the dark that someday our sex acts would be witnessed in the flesh by various persons at our invitation. Less would I have thought that many years down the road I would watch other men screwing Dee and that she'd witness me doing other women. Least of all might I have imagined that technology would so advance in the coming years that pictures of us without our clothes on, showing us engaged in a variety of pleasurable acts, might be shared across the planet with amazing ease.

How much life has changed in the past twenty-some years! How much for the better!

We were still newly married the first time a stranger watched us fuck
doggie style through the window of our small apartment.
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1 comment:

Killdare said...

I like watching. Well within reason, meaning the people fucking know they are being watched. Not sneaking onto someone's property to watch in secret.