Saturday, July 01, 2006

This Ain't YOUR Stage; It's MINE!

I cringe when I ponder what our lawmakers and the courts have done at times to shit all over the clear intentions of the founding fathers of our country. Freedom of speech was written into law to protect us from criticizing our own government, not to give every fuckwad an open forum to say anything, anywhere, anytime.

Yesterday I deleted a comment posted to my entry here with extreme prejudice. The comment writer criticized our lifestyle, our marriage, and Dee's picture. I simply won't allow crap like that to detract from what I express here in words and pictures. This is my blackboard! My soapbox! Your opinion here matters to me insofar as it's positive, builds me up, and makes the time I put into this forum of self expression worthwhile. If you want to stand outside the gates of the White House and yell till you're blue in the face to exercise your freedom of speech, God bless you, but you sure as hell aren't going to do it here at my expense.
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