Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Heart and Hole

I'm so lucky not only to have a wife who became sufficiently open-minded to indulge my fantasy of seeing her have sex with another man, but to have ended up, in doing so, where we are today in one of the most remarkably loving marriages I've ever known about outside of fairy tales.

I'm amazed in knowing how deep our affections have come to run for Don and Mike. It's as if I consider them both an integral part of my own relationship to Dee. I can stand back and watch Mike or Don make love with Dee most intimately and see at times in their coupling a sense of closeness and oneness that to all appearances would seem to be of the same depth of spirit that I feel when I make love with her myself.

I can't separate, nor would I want to, the powerfully erotic sight of Dee and a lover fully nude and joined together from the emotions I know they're feeling and in which I'm sharing in my own ineffable way. Though it might be Don's or Mike's hard cock buried so deep within Dee's body that her juices are flowing onto his balls, the bond shared in the room is between all of us. I feel as close to Dee's lover as I do to her when I'm watching them make love, and although it might be his stiff cock experiencing the indescribable sensations of my wife's mouth, pussy, or ass, my own dick throbs and drips precum in a hyper-excited state of arousal that just amazes me in its intensity.

I'd not have predicted the emotional depth of sharing Dee, and if I could have it might have scared me away from pursuing the fulfillment of the fantasy. Two other men in the world know how I feel in sharing Dee. They share their own wives with feeling, as I share Dee, and they understand me. I think without them I might've thought I'm totally nuts by now - as Barry Manilow (Shhhhhh!) sang in All the Time, "...crazy in a way that no one else could be."

If you're as pathetically Romantic as I am you
just might see in this picture a hint of what I'm
writing about in this entry. That's Don's cock
inside and Mike's fingers entwined in Dee's.
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Woody said...

Gosh Joe, thats such a beautiful picture. The bond is clear. I hope you all have many years of happy experiences. I have the wood for the adventure, but not sure if I have the balls.

Banana Boy said...

There is something about that pic that really backs-up what you wrote about.

It's really nice to see sex with emotion.

MikeCindynJoe said...

Don't know what part of the picture I like best...

... the dick in the pussy or the hand-holding.

Both signify a "joining". A great picture.

Fat Controller said...

I agree, the hand-holding makes it an extraordinarily erotic and beautiful picture.