Wednesday, August 02, 2006

In Heat

Don't know about your little piece of the planet but it's like one of the circles of hell out our way. That 77.90F is right here beside my desk with the air conditioner working overtime and the 1040F is just on the other side of the window to my left.

It was damned hot at the motel last night too with the AC barely taking the edge off the heat when we celebrated with Don our first date night since Dee's hospital ordeal last week. She's mending beautifully though she's still a little bruised and cautiously taking things more slowly than usual. Nevertheless, she was primed to spend some quality naked time in bed with Don and me - to enjoy a deliciously pleasurable ass fucking by Don who's always eager to satisfy that hearty craving of hers and equally to drain our cocks of every last bit of cum we could squirt for her. She's eager to see Mike, too, which hopefully we'll do very soon.

Stay out of the heat and we'll be trying to do the same - except for the heat we generate ourselves.

I still don't know how the hell Dee enjoys getting her
ass reamed by a hard cock so much, but it sure is a
true pleasure to watch her cumming from it.
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Woody said...

Now theres a gal thats feeling better. Woody feels better in more ways than one just being allowed the privilage of viewing. If Woody ever gets the opportunity for such a wonderful three way experience he will be fulfilled. There might even be a little bi side left over from the childhood experimentation. With a beautiful gal thrown into the mix such as Dee how could the event be less than memorable.

Hip Swingster said...

It was 98F/110 HI in the nation's capital. It is ALMOST too hot for fucking here. Although we did manage to get in some late last night.

TomnDiane said...

LOVE your honesty in your posts! Plus, the sharing is incredible.

johnnybarstow said...

Alright Joe and Dee!...good too hear (and see) that everything is healing well!

Mac said...

Hot as hell here also, Joe.