Friday, September 08, 2006

Mike for Supper

We keep outdoing ourselves.

Yesterday, because our baby who only recently got a job was at work, we invited Mike to join us for supper here at home. The plan was that we'd eat here, and then head to the motel for our usual hours of fun together. Mike arrived about forty minutes before Dee was expected home from work, so to entertain him while I ran upstairs to wash I popped in a video of Dee and Gerry together. When I got back downstairs, I started cooking, bopping between the living room where Mike was watching the tape and the kitchen. Eventually Mike's cock came out and as he toyed with it lightly it looked ten times more appetizing than the meal I was making, but I was afraid to start sucking him because I feared if I did I wouldn't want to stop and that he'd cum before Dee could bring him off in her pussy.

So, Dee got home to find me in the recliner and Mike on the couch watching Gerry fucking her fast and hard on the TV. She went to the kitchen to set down her lunch bag, stopped by her desk to give the mail a once over, and then came into the living room to join us, sliding right to her knees in front of Mike. There went the plan to eat supper as she started working Mike's appreciative hard cock with her mouth. Once his dick was planted firmly between her lips, Dee reached down to unbutton and unzip her pants and then to slide them and her panties down over her buns. Her bare ass was poetry in motion as she slid her mouth up and down Mike's stiff shaft. His moans were sweet music to me. So were Dee's! I love when she's sucking a guy and making those little noises as if she were having her clit licked rather than working his cock with her lips and tongue, and she was quite noisy with little moans while she was blowing Mike.

It was very arousing to see how high her level of desire for Mike was running. Dee popped Mike's cock out of her mouth, leaned back to shuck off her pants and panties completely, and then laid back while raising her legs up and apart as a clear invitation for Mike to take her there on the living room floor. His cock slipped effortlessly into her juicy pussy which was already well lubricated from the excitement of blowing him. What a rush it was to see Gerry banging Dee's slick pussy on the screen with Mike there giving it to her live and in person right in front of the TV. A few minutes of steady pumping and Dee was rolling her head back and cumming hard. Her climax seemed to be just what Mike needed to let loose and squirt into her pussy as his own orgasm gripped him. As Mike's cock slid out of Dee all shiny with their mingled juices the evening was just getting started. They dressed. We ate. We headed to the motel.

Two and a half hours or so later, we were drained. The climaxes we gave and got were fantastically intense all around. All three of us had a hand (or a mouth) in getting the others off and it was oh, so good! The fun that we have together couldn't be beat if we tried to plan who's going to do what to whom when. It all just works out so perfectly so that we're all totally satisfied. I still am, 24 hours later, as I'm writing this. I'm still grinning like the cat who ate the canary.

It's good to be envious of nobody else's love life. Very good indeed!

So much for waiting till we get to the motel. Mike's cock is
in Dee's mouth and her pants are ready to come off for him.
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Gerry said...

WOW! Glad to see I still get you guys aroused, albeit on video! Hope to get there again real soon!

Anonymous said...

I hope you remembered to take out the video of Dee and Gerry before you left the house... Gotta watch leaving that evidence around!


Mac said...

I cna always count on you to brighten up my day. Beautiful post and beautiful shot of Dee.