Friday, September 01, 2006

A Most Wonderful End to August

I'll need to hone my pocketknife for some notch carving in the old bedpost. I had another fantasy fulfilled last night in the form of one mind numbing prostate massage.

I'd read for years about having one's prostate stimulated from the inside and I had tried inventing things to do it just right for almost as long, but to no avail. Things have a tendency to slip out of a squeezing sphincter, and curved things always seem to want to turn so the curve is in the wrong direction to touch the right part.

Touching the right part is crucial. Something needs to be up one's ass just the right length and needs to apply pressure toward the front of the body once it's up there. Something like a finger.

Something like a finger up the keister while a warm, tight set of lips is working one's cock like there's no tomorrow.

The sensations are maddening. It felt like I was cumming, but I wasn't ejaculating. And I felt like I was cumming every couple of seconds for perhaps five to ten delicious minutes. I felt somewhat exhausted afterwards when I was lying there just saying, "Wow!" over and over again. This is something I want again. A lot!

(I briefly considered posting a pic of my taut little
winky here. You can thank me as you see fit for refraining.)

As for the evening in general, I love how Dee accommodates our particular predilections. As soon as we got upstairs and Dee and Don finished the kissing that started when he walked through the door, Dee hiked up her dress and crawled up onto the cedar chest to present her pantiless ass to Don. Like me, Don loves to lick and probe Dee's ass with his tongue and he took to eating her back there like he was starving.

We hadn't seen Don since the first of the month. Everything last night was especially intense because of how long it had been since we'd gotten together with him.

Don ate Dee's pussy next. For a long time. I laid next to her, kissing her and toying with her nipples while Don's skilled tongue worked its magic. My cock is always at its hardest when I'm doing just that - kissing Dee while she's climaxing from another man's tongue. There's simply no way that one can appreciate a woman's orgasm as much when he's the one who's giving it to her. One's own pleasure is too distracting. When my nose is up to Dee's and our lips are dancing together while somebody's tongue is in her crease - it's almost as if I can feel her climaxes myself. They're otherworldly.

At one point when Don's tongue was deep in her cleft, Dee looked at me with her big, brown eyes and whispered, "I love the variety," to mean the different styles of her various lovers at eating her. I'm so glad that she's into this - being shared - being open to receiving the many different styles of pleasure giving that her lovers bring to a bed.

Just as Don licked Dee's ass and then her pussy with particular relish, so did Dee take his cock into her mouth. There was such a beautiful hunger evident as she took him in hand and guided him to her open lips - such a deep satisfaction that played across her face when her lips slid down the length of his hard shaft and her fingers came up to knead his big balls. How I delight in the wet sounds when Dee is sucking a man's stiff dick and my ears were keenly in tune with them last evening as they added to the total picture of joy that all of us were feeling when Dee was pleasuring Don's cock with her mouth.

Eventually Dee laid back and raised her legs wide for Don to enter her and she was orgasming from nearly the moment that his balls first bumped her upturned buns and she felt his full length filling her pussy. More vocal than usual, she urged him to, "Fuck me!" again and again as Don kept on doing just that and bringing her through a series of climaxes, each on the heels of the one before.

And then, after watching my darling wife being fucked silly by her first extramarital lover for their 124th time together naked, came that phenomenal prostate thing for me. Did I mention, WOW?"

I was still reeling from that when I watched Dee take to Don's cock with her mouth again and when he was fully stiff and throbbing I heard him as her if she was ready to be ass fucked. She replied with an eager, "You bet!" or something like that and scrambled into position on all fours while Don followed and got into place behind her. He slid up into her pussy to lubricate himself, and after a few good pumps of his cock Don slid out and up into Dee's ass without missing a beat.

As before when Don first entered Dee's pussy, her first orgasm was imminent as soon as Don's cock slid all the way into her tight asshole. From her first cooed, "Oh! It feels so good!" to the unabashed and somewhat gravelly, "That's it, baby. Fuck my ass!" a little later, Dee's orgasms while Don was plowing her ass were the best of the evening. "Intense" seems awfully pale a word to describe each of them, but I can't think of anything better.

To anybody who's ever asked, "How can you stand watching another man fuck your wife?" I'd have to say that once you stand back for the first time and watch her climax like they do in the movies, (except for real), it would just be cruel to deprive her of the distinct pleasures that a particular lover can give to her. In Don's case, it's the ass fucking that most gets her off. He loves doing her ass so much that their passion feeds, each off the other's, so that as Don is getting closer and closer to cumming in Dee's ass she's climaxing faster and stronger too as he's getting there.

Don's cock once again working its particular magic in Dee's ass.

After Don gushed his pleasure deep in Dee's ass they cuddled and kissed for a while and I laid back to watch them. I was consciously amazed at my ability to watch my wife not only get fucked by her lover, but to kiss him as passionately as she does, knowing how deep her affections for him run.

When we first started doing this, we met online a couple who had been sharing for years. The wife told Dee that it would be her job to ensure that I know at every moment that I'm #1. That I have nothing to fear. That her heart belongs to me above all others. Dee has done that perfectly for these four years. Because of that I can take pleasure even in the emotional sharing between Dee and a special lover. Without it, I don't think I could handle it.

After Dee and Don finished their afterplay she laid me back and took to my cock with her mouth just the way I like it with equal attention being paid to my balls. It didn't take long till I was nearly on the verge of cumming. In a bubbly voice Dee popped my cock from between her lips and asked, "Ready to fuck me?" Was I! As Dee and I positioned ourselves for me to slide up into her pussy, Don worked himself over so she could suck his cock at the same time. He knows I just love that view while I'm screwing Dee and he's always happy to oblige.

I knew I wasn't going to last long even before I saw Dee's lips close around Don's shaft and felt the snug warmth of her hole envelop me. I slowed just enough for her to orgasm first, and the timing was right on because when her pussy clamped down on my dick from the first wave of her climax it was all I needed to go over the edge and start pumping her full of cum. It was one of those perfect orgasms with each squeeze of Dee's pussy in delicious sync with each gush of my cum into her. Wow! Did I mention, "WOW?"

I finished cumming in Dee about two seconds
before I snapped this shot. You can see
how her ass is still
puckered from the
vigorous ass fucking she and Don enjoyed.

After we finished there were more hugs and kisses between Dee and Don as we laid around wonderfully spent. Dee took his cock back into her mouth for a little while, not so much to try to stiffen him back up again, but simply as a gesture of affection.

We dressed and came back downstairs to look at some of the vacation pics on the CD that Don had burned for us. I love when he brings back pictures from some place that I'll likely never see. We went through the various folders of the different places to which he had been and he told us about them. It was a very nice ending to another wonderful evening of sharing Dee as we all basked in the glow of the friendship that makes this all as special as it is for us. It's like Dee told Dan this week - the bedroom play is an extension of the friendship underneath it all. It really is!
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stroker said...

cool... and smoking hot! what a great life!

Woody said...

This one deserves the first load of the day. Think I will nurse the hard on for a while and enjoy it before blowing a big load looking at that ass shot by Don. Over the edge. Both pics are super. Thanky Joe.

MikeCindynJoe said...

Another great story, Joe (although it's not like you to self-censure any pictures) I too have a couple of "Prostate Stories".

The advice to Dee from the other wife is dead-on and works both ways when it comes to one's spouse remaining #1 no matter what the pair's activities are, but especially in relationships like yours and ours.

The creampie pic is hot! I'd have a hard time deciding whether to eat it or fuck it. Why not both?


Banana Boy said...

This post has... well... ahem.
Suffice to say, it aroused my interest...

The pic of Don in Dee's ass especially got my attention...

I've ALWAYS wanted to have my prostate manipulated... never had the chance.
Good on you, dude!

NotSoNormal said...

To quote you, WOW! Great, hot post, and like another commenter, I loved the advice given to Dee.

Sounds like the kinda night I'd love to have. :D


Desireous said...

Phew what a great time! I love how you describe the scene around you and you express your emotions. It makes me feel like I'm right there with you!