Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Short Bursts of Ramble

Dee and I have been talking to (i.e., exchanging regular e-mails with) yet another new guy, Steve, who lives about two hours south of here and whose business travels bring him close to our favorite motel at least once a month. He sounds like he'll be a lot of fun when we get to the stage where we're ready to invite him to join us, and his cock looks thickly promising. (See below.)

Tomorrow we'll be enjoying the naked delights of both Don and Mike. While we like to have each of them alone at times because the emotional feeling is different with each, we also like it when both of their hard cocks are available for Dee's pleasure. Besides, having a spare dick for me to suck while Dee's milking another one with that nearly insatiable pussy (or ass) of hers is always fun! I'll be doing my ritual ball shaving later today in the tub. There's something oddly relaxing about making my whole fun area as smooth as I can get it.

Dee's still talking it up with Dan at work. He commented on how sexy her slit skirt was yesterday and he admitted to "thinking about" her while he was traveling out West last week. I can usually tell when they've had a good chat during a break or at lunch because of how Dee responds when I kiss and/or touch her later in the day. A super aroused Dee is quite an amazing creature, and it's fun when somebody starts my foreplay with her early in the day because her pussy is extra responsive and gooey for me when we finally settle down to relieving our urges later.

Gary cracked me up in a recent letter when he wrote, "You don't have to be gay to like cock." True! True! Are labels really necessary? I don't think so. I'd much rather spend some time noshing on a hard cock and a soft set of big balls than trying to figure out where the hell I fit into a pigeonhole when it comes to my sexuality. That proverbial, "He'd fuck a snake if somebody held it straight for him," sounds like me these days. Well, maybe not fuck it, but there's nothing wrong with a heapin' helpin' of one-eyed trouser snake slithering over my tongue!

To those who commented on my post yesterday about my "in your face" pictures, relax. I was making no apologies for showing off that kind of shot primarily, nor do I have any intention of toning down the images that accompany many of my entries here. I have no pretense of being the least bit artistic. I'm not. What excites me is what I showcase here and I'm glad that this little niche is populated with folks who enjoy my fare just as it is with Dee's juicy bottom in your face most of the time.

Steve's cock in this picture caught Dee's eye when
he wrote. We're talking to him about getting together.
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Anonymous said...

Nope, no labels needed... everyone has their own "Kink," it's just that some people have to exercise control and attempt to "pigeonhole" (hmmm, a kinky act in itself?) everyone, especially if they're different...

Pierre said...

Nice cock! That's some head!