Sunday, October 22, 2006

Tempering the Mornin' Wood

I wonder if I'll be the only guy at church this morning sporting the I just got my cock sucked and fucked silly look? A warm, soft, juicy pleasurin' o' the mornin' wood is always a wonderful way to start any day! When I head for my first cup of coffee and pass by Dee in her computer chair to find her with that, "We're going back upstairs when I'm done chatting with Mike," twinkle in her eye, my tongue and cock stir in sync in anticipation of the great time they're about to have. Too bad they can't both work on Dee's pussy at the same time instead of having to take turns down there.

Whether it's my own cum dripping from Dee's just fucked
pussy, or a lover's, I always enjoy the sight of her oozing it.
I snapped this shot about fifteen minutes ago!

In checking the stats, it would appear that voracious sex blog readers really do have lives; they just live them, for the most part, on the weekends.

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S.P. said...

Pre-church sex is the BEST... LOL

Ah guah-rahn-tee there are other "recently satisfied customers" sitting around you, both male and female... Perhaps the occasional female choir member experiencing a slight dripping down her upper thigh when she stands to sing the anthem...


SemperSexualis said...

I've noticed that about the weekends, too. I, apparently, am among those who somehow manages to have a life (long night last night) AND come check the blogs for any interesting stories. Of which there are usually far too few. :-(

RobbieG said...

Joe, I suspect Dee reading my second story this morning assisted Mike in getting her hot. She wrote and told me you were going to get it when she was done online. Glad she make it worth it for you. Nice creampie!!!

S.P. I would love to see a drip like that. UMMM!

MikeCindynJoe said...

Damn, Joe! I can’t make up my mind which pic I like best, this sexy creamy one or the one of Dee getting reamed by Don.

If I look at either one much longer, I’ll have another pic for HNT!


Rosie said...

The picture of Dee with the red corset is just gorgeous -- and like those lips showing.