Friday, November 17, 2006

A Heavy Storm Changes Our Date Night Plans

It rained all day yesterday and a little before Dee was to have left work for home the thunderstorms started. She was a bit later than her usual half hour or so commute because conditions were bad enough for the usually aggressive drivers on the interstate to have been proceeding cautiously. Eventually she got home, we had dinner, and then headed back up the interstate to meet with Don at the motel.

Imagine our surprise when after a cautious drive of our own in truly bad conditions we got off the exit ramp to discover that the power was out in the whole area. It was rather surreal looking as we drove past business after business, each one totally dark. To our horror, our motel was without electricity as well. We found Don in the parking lot and stopped only long enough to tell him to come down to our house; we estimated that after the drive back we'd have about a half hour or so to play before kiddo might get home from work - enough for a quickie.

Our estimate was right on the money. We got home around 6:30 with kid's arrival time home expected shortly after 7:00. Dee and Don kissed only a little before dispensing with the affectionate hellos to get out of their clothes. The stripping was perfunctory. Dee and Don undressed themselves and joined each other nude on the bed. Don laid back and Dee slid atop him. They contined kissing while I sucked Don's cock to get him fully stiff and then guided him to where Dee was warm and moist and waiting for him to enter her.

I like this shot I managed to get in the mirror of Dee's dresser.

I love the sight of Don's long cock working my wife's snug hole and there isn't a view better than the one when Dee's on top moving her sweet ass up and down while Don matches her movements from below with easy thrusts. It's a position they seem to enjoy early on a typical evening together, almost as an extended part of foreplay in that Dee's orgasms seem to sneak up on her rather than her having the body thrashing kinds of climaxes that will come later on when their movements will be more frenetic and Don will be building toward his own release. Last night's time with Dee atop Don was particularly sweet because although it was brief due to the time constraint it was wonderfully affectionate with them kissing the whole time their bottoms were moving in synch to ensure that every last millimeter of Don's hard cock was enjoying the caress of Dee's velvety pussy.

After Dee enjoyed a few orgasms on Don's dick she dismounted and as soon as she got off him he urged her to her back and settled in to eat her ass and pussy. Maybe fifteen minutes had now passed with the same number to go while staying within the margin of safety in terms of our daughter's expected arrival home. Don's tongue parted Dee's swollen folds and settled into her cleft while his fingertips searched out her gooey hole. It wasn't long till Dee was cumming again with one climax following shortly on the heels of the one before. Don's a gifted cunnilinguist and every lady I've seen him eat has had remarkable climaxes in quick succession just as I was watching Dee enjoy them last night.

Dee returns Don's oral favors and gets him rock hard to do her in the ass.

It was to be the first time I'd have watched Dee play with another man while I remained totally clothed throughout. Because the time was so limited there was no way that Don was going to unload into Dee with enough time remaining for me to have a go with her as well. I contented myself to my role as photographer knowing that I'd get to have my way with Dee some hours later. A few times Dee reached for my throbbing cock through my pants and fingered my hardness. I could feel my precum pouring into my boxers, but there was nothing much that I could do for relief then because the clock was ticking.

Dee worked over Don's dick with her mouth for a few minutes until he was fully stiff again. She sucked and licked him ravenously, sloppily, with all of the slurping sounds that just add to the sensory delight that I experience when she uses her lips and tongue on another man's cock while I'm watching her go at it. It appeared that Dee had to tear herself away from gobbling Don's dick because I could tell that she wanted more time to enjoy feeling him in her mouth yet was conscious of the passage of time and the need to keep the ball rolling. With a hearty pop Dee let Don's glans escape from between her tightly pursed lips and and then scrambled into position on her elbows and knees.

Don gets behind Dee and primes her by fucking her
pussy while fingering her ass to ready it for his cock.

Don's cock slid comfortably up into Dee's dripping cunt. Her clitoris was as hard as his dick and with only a few good strokes of his shaft she was cumming again. Don kept pumping Dee's pussy and used his own spit to lube a finger and slip it up into Dee's asshole. When he felt she was ready to receive him between the buns Don moved his cock from Dee's pussy into her ass without missing a full thrust of his hips while making the change. When Dee's ass is ready there's usually no going slow. I watched the tip of Don's glistening cock pierce my wife's darling butt and then saw her ass swallow him whole as he moved in toward her and gave her the full lengh of his shaft.

Don paused for only a few seconds, his cock buried to the hilt in Dee's back door, and then he started giving it to her in earnest with long, firm, rhythmic strokes. The dirty talk started when Dee's first climax ripped through her. There's probably nothing I hear come out of Dee's mouth that's as hot as when she's imploring Don to fuck her in the ass even while he's doing just that. She cried out that she loved it, but it's just so much hotter to hear the actual words than to describe them, "Oh, that's it! I love when you fuck me in the ass! Fuck me, Don! Fuck my ass!"

I'm always thrilled too by the look on Don's face as he builds toward orgasm in my wife's rump. It's the look of a little kid on Christmas morning combined with the awesome grin that some porn stars wear just before they ejaculate. Don was fucking Dee's ass with even longer strokes of his cock than usual and I watched transfixed as over and over his glans would nearly escape from Dee's tight ring completely at which point his whole cock would sink back into Dee till he couldn't give her another millimeter if he tried. I watched Don working his way toward cumming and listened to Dee urging him on, "Fuck my ass! I want you to cum in me! I want to feel you cum in my ass!" Don did just that with hardly a minute to spare on the clock. He filled my honey's ass with a huge load of cum and then they both collapsed onto the bed with Don atop Dee and with the tip of his dick still firmly planted in her little hole. They snuggled and nuzzled in the after glow for only a few minutes when the phone rang. College kid interrupted the proceedings to talk to mom at which point Don got dressed and he and I headed downstairs.

Dee came down after she got off the phone and dressed herself. We sat around the kitchen bullshitting. Not too long afterwards kiddo got home from work and joined us. She knows Don as a friend of ours, but not that he's mom's lover and dad's bi buddy, of course. Don stayed till the time we'd usually be leaving the motel, around 8:30, and then Dee checked some e-mails while I started processing the digital pictures of the evening's play. Eventually we made our way upstairs and enjoyed a typical evening of sex with each other, but it wasn't typical in the least because I was nearly climbing the walls with desire and the need to spray and Dee seemed to enjoy teasing me with the usual foreplay knowing that she was making my urge to cum even stronger than it is when I've not been sitting around for a few hours after watching her fuck a lover. My orgasm was huge and Dee's were pretty spectacular as well.

Although we regretted not having the same amount of play time with Don that we're accustomed to having, somehow I found the hurried rush toward getting Don off in Dee's ass powerfully stimulating. It's always a joy to have one of Dee's lovers right here at home on our own bed and although we hadn't planned doing that yesterday it was still emotionally enriching to have had it happen as it did. And so we spent Dee's 199th extramarital experience in an unexpected, but very delightful way right here at home with the man who made Dee into a shared wife in the summer of '02.
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Rosie said...

Darn, I went back and read the last sentence three times. (The sentence above the picture obviously.) Now there's a thought that will stay in my head all day.

Andy said...

A fantastic picture; I can't wait to read the rest!

Willy said...

Omg...what a cock is as hard as an iron bar right'm almost ready to cum just reading about Dee cumming. She is certainly a sexy lady!! And Don has a lovely hard cock.

Mac said...

Whew!!!! How much hotter can it get??

Dirty Debbie said...

This story was terrific on a couple different levels.
Your description,as always, was so hot...I wanted to be Dee!
Your picture taking fits each part perfectly.
And in this case the anticipation built with the descriptions of time running out made it even hotter.
Just damn yummy!

chuck said...

I nearly came in my pants looking at your photos and reading your description of your date night! All I can say is DAMN, she is one sexy lady!

Steve said...

I'd be remiss if I didn't comment on the steamy pictures and Joe's equally hot commentary.

Semi-Celibate Man said...

Great photo set. They complemented the story well. Hot!