Tuesday, November 14, 2006

In Praise of the Mommy Tummy

It's no secret that I just adore naked women and everything about them. I love putting my face to the various bare parts of a lady's body and just feeling her skin against my eyelids, my nose, my forehead, my cheeks and lips and chin. I love nuzzling a lady in places just meant to be nuzzled - between her breasts and thighs and buns. Her neck. The small of her back. Her belly. Bonus points for a "mommy tummy" all extra soft and snuggly.

I kid you not on the latter. I love that little paunch because it reminds me of the amazing ability that women have to bring forth new life. I love Dee's because it reminds me of everything good about our being parents. It reminds me of our younger days when we were more about facing our future than lamenting the good chunk of our time on this planet already spent.

Now, who has the balls... No, wait! Let me rephrase that... Who has the ovaries to show their mommy tummies this week for HNT? I really would love to see them. I think they're sweet.

Nuzzling Dee's belly is one of my favorite things to do
after we've made love and we're enjoying the afterglow.

I'm really horned up today. It's Tuesday. Sex night here at Chez Dee 'n Joe. My cock is having a field day in my pants because it wants me to unzip and touch it. I'm tempted, but I'm just terrible at stopping myself once I start and I want all this cum to go into Dee where it belongs.

Another entry from the really fuckin' stupid department. Pillsbury's so hard up that they're looking to make a sale on a blog search for "creampie?" The absence of a space between the "cream" and the "pie" in "creampie" makes for a whole different kind of eatin' and the Pillsbury Doughboy sure ain't advertising that with a giggle. You can bet that if I find a piece of flaky crust when I'm chowin' down a creampie I'll be running for the hills screaming.

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mast2rbator said...

hot..very hot!
let me know if you interested in link exchange


deeslittlemike said...

Mmmmm very sexy Joe. I like Dee's mommy tummy to. Her breasts are still my favorite though. I can never get enough of them. Dee is one hot and sexy lady! MMMMMMM


hornymaleuk said...

Great blog and superb photo.

Just a small point - when you click on photos in other blogs the pictuer gets bigger, but that doesn't happen on yours. What a shame. I wold love to see large versions of yur photos!

Fat Controller said...

I'm with you 100% on the delights of the 'mommy tummy'-not to mention that delightful bush!

Sheen V said...

I love her tummy too! My favorite parts of my partner are her feet, legs, ass and tummy.