Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A Promise for Later

Kiddo's work schedule has been somewhat advantageous the past couple of weeks. For example, she'll be working today from after school till a few hours past the dinner hour, and already I have a promise for a pre-supper romp with Dee. Actually, she didn't mention it to me; I read about it in the mail she sent to Don this morning, and in the text of her chat with Mike. (Hopefully we'll be seeing both of them tomorrow evening.)

Now if Dan gets Dee nice and juicy at work today, it would be an extra bonus 'cause I love seeing a huge wet spot on her panties when I take off her pants. Oh! The sight! Her aroused scent! The amazing feeling of all that warm juice bathing my swollen cock from all sides. I have an amazing (sex) life with my wife, and I can still get this excited about a "promise" to be with her later? Ahhhhhhh! Yes!

Dee sports a major wet spot after a day of fantasizing
and waiting for the opportunity to enjoy a few orgasms.

Update: 6:30 PM

Ummmmmm. Yeah. It was THAT good!
(And we managed to vote too!)
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hubby_m said...

You're a lucky man!

Both photos are great!

Sounds like you had a good night.

Mac said...

Those are two beautiful photos, Joe.

RobbieG said...

Gotta love those wet spots!