Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Dee on Love

This is an e-mail that Dee wrote to send to our regular online friends as we approach the end of 2006. If you think I get too sappy here sometimes when I write about my love for Dee, perhaps this will make it a bit more clear why it is that I'm so deeply in love with her. I've said all along that sharing her isn't only about the many toe-curling orgasms Dee gives and gets with her lovers. There's so much more to it all, on so many levels. What Dee writes here explains why watching her making love with other men is a thing of precious beauty to me as well as something profoundly arousing.

As the end of the year approaches, I suppose it is only natural to turn retrospective and introspective.

Before I continue, I want to say, Merry Christmas and the healthiest, happiest new year to you and your families and friends.

I think it appropriate as I reflect on recent years to recap how our sharing started, and to best sum up this past year. My sweet husband (of, at that time,19 years), wanted me to increase my self-esteem and to experience my new-found enjoyment of sex after being diagnosed with clinical depression. The medication was a miracle for me as an individual and for our relationship. I no longer felt as if I was watching life but participating for the first time in my life.

As a result of his extreme love for me, he opened a whole new world filled with new emotions for us to enjoy. At first the sharing sex with others, was supposed to be just for sex but I was unable not to become emotionally involved. The emotions have enhanced the sexual side of our relationships and I don't think Joe would disagree with me. The vast array of emotions that we have experienced has been wonderful and I want to thank Joe for that.

Many people have asked if I love Mike and Don. The truth is, yes. However, the language prevents a description of the exact emotion. In my opinion, there are as many forms of love as there are unique snowflakes. The Eskimo's language has at least a dozen words for the different types of snow that exist in Alaska and each individual dialect may have more. The words let each other know if it is the light powdery kind, the heavy wet kind, ot the icy grainy kind (as well as many other varieties). English needs such words to give more accurate meanings of love.

Joe is my soul-mate, my one true love. The love we share is almost like the oxygen we breathe. We couldn't live without each other and it was truly love at first sight in that dingy college lounge. We knew after about an hour, that we didn't want to live without the other and had a whirlwind courtship with our marriage beginning just months after we first met.

With that type of overpowering love, who knew there was room for more? However as we started to share our sexual freedom online and with our lovers, I realized that like the word snow, the word love is inadequate. I fell "in love" with Don as he courted me with Joe's permission and blessing. I found him extremely sexy and wanted to make love with him. My love for him is not a threat to Joe as it enhances our marriage. Don became almost a third person in our marriage, and a very dear friend. About 18 months later, Mike had the courage to write. We became friends in a blink of an eye. As bizarre as this may sound, Mike became the "girl friend" I never had. I can share EVERYTHING with Mike- from clothing advice to problems with the kids and extended family. It is hard to describe my relationships with these two dear gentlemen but I love that they are part of my life and they both fill a need in me, in a unique way.

In the same line of thought, those of you who email Joe and me regularly have become an integral part of our lives. We enjoy sharing with you the every day aspects of our lives as well as our joy in our sexual relationships. Many of you have shared the pain of death and illnesses as well as the joys of sex and life with us. I personally want to thank all of you for your caring during my extended illness last year and my operation last summer. For those of you who also shared your lives with us, know that your problems remain in our prayers and your joys are our joys.

Once again, Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year from Joe and Dee.

A kiss like, and what Dee has written here, is why I
usually refer to Dee's intimacy with Mike and Don
as making love rather than having sex.
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