Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Doctor Nipples

Recently while out driving I passed by the office of the doctor who did Dee's tubal ligation and as I drove by I remembered with a smile the day we took a huge step toward sharing Dee because of what happened there. Well, actually, I suppose I took the huge step that day; it would be months later before Dee would catch up to me.

The doctor to whom we'd been referred wasn't Dee's usual female OB/GYN because she didn't perform sterilization surgeries. When we went for Dee's initial appointment with the doctor who would do the operation, she asked in the waiting room if I'd be allowed back in the examination room with her. Although the answer was, "Yes," we both assumed it would be for a handshake with the doctor and that I'd be asked to leave for him to conduct the actual exam. Dee sat on the examination table and I sat in a nearby chair as she answered the zillion questions of the physician's assistant one of which was when Dee had her last breast exam. Dee said that she didn't remember, and the P.A. said that she'd do one. Eventually Dee was told to undress and to don a paper robe, and we were left alone. Dee stripped, and ever the neat freak, she folded each item of apparel as she removed it and handed it to me where I added it to the pile forming on my lap. I think it's odd that there I was knowing that a man was soon going to come into that same room to see and touch my wife's sex and yet I "hid" her bra and panties under her shirt.

I had a camera with me as I usually do, and when Dee was fully undressed but before she put on the robe, I asked her if I could take a picture of her nude in the examination room. She scowled and made a comment about me being disgusting (or something like that) and got the robe on as quickly as she could.

It wasn't long before the door opened and the P.A. and the doctor came into the room. After he introduced himself the doctor went forever about how a tubal is usually irreversible and asked us an obnoxious number of times if we were sure that we didn't want to have any more kids along with a number of other questions about Dee's general health which she'd already answered before. Though Dee's previous answer was likely recorded on the sheet he was pretending to be studying the doctor asked when Dee had had her last breast exam. She repeated that she didn't remember as she had told the P.A. who then stepped forward telling the doctor that she had planned to do one and that she'd do it now. The doctor raised a hand and said, "That's okay. I'll do it," and then he asked Dee to lie back on the table.

It gets a little fuzzy after this point because it was then that I'd been expecting all along that I'd have been asked to leave the room, except the request never came and with me sitting there in full view, the doctor drew down the top of Dee's paper gown, baring her breasts. He palpated her left breast first, working his fingers from the outer edges of her soft tit in toward her nipple. He was making small talk, though I don't remember about what because my brain cells were in overdrive taking in, processing, and indelibly storing the visual ballet of another man's fingers touching my wife's bare breast - a part of her that only her regular female OB/GYN and I had touched for the nineteen years since her former boyfriend had made love with her. My cock was rock hard in an instant and fortunately the bulge in my pants was hidden under the pile of Dee's clothes folded on my lap.

The doctor moved his fingers to Dee's right breast and again he worked his way in toward her nipple. I'd watched her left nipple harden at his touch and the right one had stiffened as well in sympathetic response to its twin. If I'd been conscious of any thought process at all going on in my brain I might have paid attention to my breathing to make sure that I wasn't panting. I might have been for all I know. One of the most memorable moments of my life happened when the doctor's fingers alighted on Dee's erect right nipple. He turned to look at me over his shoulder to ask me something related to whatever small talk he'd been making. I have no clue now what it was that he had asked me. All I remember was that time stood still because he was standing there with his fingers pressed into Dee's big nipple, looking at me and waiting for my response to whatever he'd asked, without his fingers budging. Only after I'd answered him did he turn back, remove his fingers from Dee's breast, and raise the leg supports while inviting Dee to position her legs for the internal exam, and then turning to slip on the rubber gloves.

Somehow the internal exam was anticlimactic because in spite of watching the doctor put his fingers into Dee's vagina and work the other hand over her mound, he was wearing the gloves and thus wasn't actually touching her body. All I could think about was him touching Dee's breasts in front of me, and of him pausing with his fingers atop her hard nipple while waiting for me to reply to whatever he'd asked me. That, and how I was possibly going to leave the office without my cock bursting through the front of my pants.

I'd thought about the possibility of someday sharing Dee with another man on occasion through the years, (like when reading something about swinging in the Penthouse Forum for example), but always as a most impossible fantasy not only because I was sure that Dee would think me crazy or worse if I were to have suggested it, but because I didn't think I could ever actually tolerate the sight of another man touching her bare body. From my level of arousal and excitement and lack of jealousy as I watched the doctor touching her, even clinically, I was convinced that if the opportunity to share Dee sexually with another guy ever somehow presented itself, I could handle it!

Some part of me believed that the doctor wanted Dee. I know, I know... He's a gynecologist. He sees women's naked bodies - their fun parts - all day long. It's just a job. Etc. Etc. But I could have sworn that I saw a particular lust in his eyes. If not that, I think at the very least that he knew that I became aroused when he was touching Dee and that somehow he was "putting on a show" for my benefit. If he did, he gets a standing ovulation. [Sic on the bad pun.]

At lunch after we left the doctor's office I confessed to Dee that I'd gotten very excited when I saw him touching her. To my surprise she didn't tell me that I was disgusting. She kind of blushed and seemed interested at least a little in knowing that the sight had aroused me. A door opened that day though neither of us would know it until a few more months had passed and another few events aligned themselves with uncanny timing to lead us into seriously considering inviting another man to share a bed with Dee. Thanks, doc! Couldn't have done it without you.

Mike presses the head of his hard cock to the same nipple
upon which the doctor's fingers hovered as he waited for me
to answer a question.
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{milla} said...

What an interesting way for it to be activated! Must have been a curious day ;)


DeesDon said...

I'd like to add a "thank you" to the doc as well! And to both of you for inviting me into your lives.