Thursday, December 14, 2006

Happy and Thankful

With the hustle and bustle of Christmas nearly in full swing, starting with a concert tonight, a party tomorrow, a weekend visit from Gary, and something holiday related going on nearly every day for the next week or so, we celebrated our Christmas party with Don and Mike last night. No drinks except for the usual soft drinks we usually take with us. No hors d'oeuvres, nor dinner. Nothing party-like at all, except for the standard offering of plenty of fun things to eat that can't be chewed (except lightly), a bit of juice, and a few tasty creampies. But party we did, and in the best of ways!

There was something different about last night that I can't quite put a finger on. It was exceptional in spite of being essentially the same overtly as any of the other evenings we've shared with Mike and Don. Maybe it was that we were all more emotionally sensitive because of the holiday season and more in tune with each other? I don't know. I just know that I felt even more wonderful inside when Mike and Don in turn made love with Dee from foreplay through ejaculation, feeling all of the amazing things that course through me on such an evening of sharing her, but more brightly, more magically, more beautifully than in recent months.

I could try to figure out why last night was so exceptional, but I know I'll come no closer to understanding it than I have to gaining insight into any of the other mysteries about myself that I'd hoped someday to unravel but admit with some degree of disappointment that I probably never will. And so, I'll simply savor the joy for as long as its goodness lasts, thankful to have a wife who amazes me in every way, and the friendship of two guys who've come to be such special friends to both of us.

Mike unwraps a fun holiday package
to begin our delightful evening.
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tri-portal said...

I enjoy reading about your (Dee and Joe) life(s). Thanks for sharing. Your wife is beautiful in many ways. I enjoy the photos and descriptions of your experiances. Although my sexual life is monogamous, I (luckily) have had the opportunity to experiance both multiple partner sex and sex with males.

About the only thing that I have not done that I would like to do is fellate a guy to completion. I have had this opportunity many times and unfortunatly, I never went through with it.

I understand that I must accept limits in my life. I desire to have a lifestyle like yours, but I must accept some limits. Luckily my wife is very open minded so I do not push any issues. She is wonderful, so I do not push this lifestyle upon her. She is more important than satisfying my sexual urges. I also am scared of opening pandora's box. Although I am no expert, it seems many couples cannot cope with the difficulties that open marriges present.

Many things that I read lead one to feel that these type of relationships do not work. I am glad that your marrige is working out and that both you and your special friends are happy in your very special and unusual relationship.

I will continue to hope that one day I may share my precious beauty with another and we can have a very free and sharing relationship with others. But until then, I will have to enjoy watching others like yourself live my fantasy.

Dee's Husband Joe said...

CBM, thank you so much for the many kind words expressed here. You sound like a kindred spirit in a number of ways. I wish for you over time the fulfillment of the things you'd like to explore and the happiness I know in my own adventures.