Saturday, January 20, 2007

Breakfast In Bed

In spite of The Dan Disaster that I recounted here, Dee's pussy is still getting some mileage out of Dan and their friendship at work. When she came home wet and horny yesterday it was because he'd told her that her ass looked good in the pants she was wearing and because she said that he was looking really desirable too. She talked about it with Mike who was pleasuring himself this morning during their morning chat. After Mike came, Dee and I went upstairs for a continuation of yesterday's pre-supper romp.

Dee: think about watching me fuck Dan

Mike: mmmmm

Dee: the first time he and I are together, I tease him and you slowly undress me, positioning me to show off my assets as you perceive them.

Dee: you can see it is having the desired effect as the bulge in his jeans grows,

Mike: mmmm you are getting wetter as you want to get at the bulge. mmm

Dee: you tell me to kiss him and his hands start ot explore my bare back ( my bra is still on)

Mike: mmmmm

Dee: his hands reach down and his hands cup my panty clad butt.

Dee: he has said he likes leather so I am wearing my red pleather set.

Mike: mmmmmmmmmmmmm so hot

Dee: I tell Dan that I want to feel his bare chest so I unbutton his shirt as I stare into his eyes.

Mike: mmmmmmmmm very sexy

Mike: I'm so hard

Dee: Seeing how turned on Dan is, you sit back to watch, knowing that his fears have evaporated and he WILL fuck me.

Mike: mmmmm you want him I can tell and this excites me

Dee: As I remove his shirt I kiss his chest and run my fingers around his waistband.

Dee: you can hear his slight moan as his desire increases

Mike: do you want his cock?

Dee: he needs to see my bare tits so he removes my bra by sliding his hands over the pleather covered mounds and then sliding his hands around the fabric to find the hooks.

Dee: as he is doing that, I am undoing his belt and pants.

Dee: As he removes his pants, I turn around and bend over the bed to show off my thong covered butt with that thin red strap accentuating my crack and my roundness.

Dee: He leans over and kisses a cheek as his hands reach around my belly to pull them off me

Mike: mmmmm I watch your tits hang in the air. you see me stroking myself

Dee: You are naked and in front of me. I start to suck your cock as Dan plays with my pussy, still staring at my ass.

Mike: mmmm I slowly start to fuck your mouth with my hard cock

Dee: Dan rubs his cock along my exposed crack.

Dee: his cock is so hard.

Dee: he aligns it with my pussy and starts to ease himself into me, being careful to not dislodge my mouth from your cock.

Mike: mmmm how does his cock feel inside you?

Dee: His hands cup my breasts as his cock slides gently in and out of me.

Dee: I am in heaven but you decide you want to watch this moment since it has been so long in coming

Dee: you join Joe in the shadows and allow Dan to take control.

Mike: mmmm so sexy

Mike: mmmmm I know I will be inside you soon. mmmmm

Dee: as with you and Don, he wants to see my face so he rolls me over onto my back and climbs on top of me.

Dee: he pauses for a minute to check me out now that he can finally see me in all of my naked glory, spread and waiting for him.

Dee: he leans over and kisses me deeply before his lust takes over and plunges his cock into my soaking wet pussy

Mike: your shaved pussy is dripping wet waiting for him

Dee: You can see the friendship between Dan and me and you are almost ready to explode yourself as you remember the joys of fucking a good friend.

Dee: In the emotionally charged air, he forgets his desire to consume me slowly and dives in with passion and pent up desire.

Mike: mmmmm fucking a good friend is wonderful

Dee: he fucks me hard

Mike: mmmmm so hot

Dee: you are watching my face and know the pleasures I am feeling.

Mike: mmmm yes I can tell

Dee: you know I am close and encourage Dan to keep fucking me.

Dee: you tell him that I am close to cumming

Mike: mmmm yes, you can see precum flowing out of me.

Dee: he leans down into me to fuck me harder still and to kiss me as I explode on his cock.

Dee: my orgasm, pushes him over the edge too and he cums inside me.

Mike: oh yes squeeze his cock Dee,

Dee: you tell him to keep fucking as his squirts his load into me

Mike: yes fuck her hard

Dee: and you see his pleasure intensify as he follows your suggestion

Dee: now it is your turn.

Dee: You climb on top and fuck me

Dee: You feel his cum in my very wet pussy and it feels so good

Mike: mmmmm yes I am almost ready to cum as I enter you.

Mike: mmm I love having you with sloppy seconds, so wet.

Dee: your cock is thicker than his so you still feel a bit of resistance as you enter me.

Dee: that tightness envelops your cock and you wnat to cum so badly but you try to prolong your excitement by pausing when your cock hits bottom.

Mike: mmmm yes you know my tricks.

Dee: however you have other plans and soon you are fucking me hard

Mike: Dee I am so close to cumming

Dee: You're almost ready to explode so you pull out and wait a minute before plunging back to the depths of my wet cunt.

Mike: mmmmm

Mike: cummmmmmmmmiiinnng

Dee: with in a few seconds you explode into a wonderful mind blowing orgasm as you feel my pussy spasm around your cock.

Dee: As you are cumming you see a hand grab my tit and smile when you realize it is Dan's hand. You know he is hooked now and will be joining us again.

Mike: mmmm so much cum

Dee: That increases your pleasure and you explode again and again until you collaspe, fully spent on top of me.

Mike: you are very sexy, how can any man resist you.

Dee: lol

Dee: you are prejudiced

Mike: maybe a little

Dee: I am glad you enjoyed yourself.

Mike: thank you very much you spoiled me very well

Dee: Joe is taking me upstairs to eat me now.

Dee knows me so well. Before we headed up the stairs she asked me if I wanted her to wash or if I wanted to taste the juice of her arousal and the natural creaminess that might have been leftover from my cumming in her last night. I insisted that she steer clear of the washcloth.

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hubby_m said...


Denis Connor said...

So, I went back and read "The Dan Disaster" after reading this (lovely) post. I found myself feeling a little bad for everyone involved, including Dan. He took a beating from some of the comments you got on that post, but I'm feeling like we maybe need to cut others some slack for not totally "getting it."

(Ha ... Here I'm talking like I'm some sort of "expert" on the polyamory/hotwife lifestyle, when in fact I've never participated in it! Still, it is a very strong fantasy of mine, and I feel a kinship with you when it comes to the emotions you feel in sharing your wife. So I hope I really do "get it ..." But I suppose we won't know for sure until Amy gets it!)

But I digress. I don't think we should hold the fact that Dan (and others like Dan) don't fully understand the relationship you and Dee have. For some, it's a serious mind-bender. There are professional therapists out there who say that what you and Dee have doesn't exist -- that spouse sharing never works. Even in the face of your example, not to mention many others within and without the blogosphere.

So I cut him some slack. I feel bad for him for pursuing something that was quite unobtainable. And I'm sorry that the experience with Dee and Dan turned out to be unobtainable for you and Dee as well.

Dee's Husband Joe said...

Denis, I do tend to forget that many others just don't get it. I need to work on remembering that!


Alfie said...

Wow! So hot! You know I can't relate to it, but what the hell! I enjoy reading about your life-style. Thanks for sharing.