Friday, January 12, 2007

Dee On Top Says 1,000 Words

When there's nothing in particular that I feel the need to say here but feel like writing anyway I often go through picture sets of Dee making love to see if a shot might jump up with something to suggest to me. That was the case today, though I didn't rummage through the picture sets randomly. I went straight to a particular photo - one of my all time favorites which I might have even shown here in the past.

It's of Dee making love with Bob who stopped by to see us while traveling from his home in the deep south to his in-laws' in New England. She's perched atop Bob's cock with only his glans tucked inside her. They'd just switched over from the missionary position and a few seconds before I snapped this picture Dee hovered over Bob's supine form while they both guided his eager tip back to her wet opening. A second after I released the shutter Dee slid down and Bob pushed up - and I saw his entire cock disappear up inside her body. The excitement of watching Dee and Bob so mutually eager to get his cock back into her, and of seeing her cunt swallow his long dick pale to me compared to this split second frozen in time.

So, thinking that there was something I wanted to remember about it, I pulled this shot up to fill my screen.

And then I remembered what it was, only it wasn't about Bob's cock poking up into Dee's pussy - it was Richie's.

I learned only bits and pieces about what Dee did with her thirty-something married lover to whom she gave her cherry at age 18 a year later when she was stroking me to orgasm on her dorm bed and using her stories about her experiences with him to excite me. I wanted every last detail that she could remember, but after a while of being "interrogated" she grew reluctant to share any more. For years, now and then I'd try to get her to talk about her pre-marital experiences with others, especially with Richie, but as the years passed Dee grew even less likely to talk about those experiences or even to want to remember them.

It wasn't until four and a half years ago when Dee's sexuality exploded that once again she began to talk about those times before we met because a number of guys asked her in e-mails about the loss of her virginity to which she replied by writing the definitive account of how it happened. I was surprised - even a little shocked to learn that she'd done some things with Richie that she'd once denied ever having done. Bringing him to climax by running her lips up and down the underside of his shaft was one of them. Fucking him in the female superior position was another.

That's why this shot of Dee about to engulf Bob's stiff cock with her atop him excites me the way it does. I can never look at it without imagining it to be Richie's hard dick that Dee's about to slide down more gleefully than a little girl on a sliding board. It's one thing to imagine your wife as a passive partner with another man - being fucked by him. But it's significantly hotter to think of her as the active party - the one doing the fucking. For most of our years together, I saw Dee in my mind's eye lying there with Richie doing her missionary style. I thought of her as "giving in" to his sexual advances whenever they did it. Learning that she rode him, though, changed everything. It made me realize that what Richie got from Dee was far more spectacular than I'd even imagined it had been.

If I ever had access to a time machine, the only trip back I'd ever want to make would be the one to that night on which Dee first gave herself totally to a lover so I could somehow be in that motel room to watch it happen. Imagining that night consumes me sometimes. Much to do about sharing her goes back to wanting to see her being deflowered.

If you've been here long enough to recognize this theme as a re-run, I apologize. It's that much a part of me though. It's the one fantasy that can never be realized. Maybe that's why I cling to it so much - because I'm painfully aware of how fantasies lose their powerful grip when they cross over into the realm of reality.
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Denis Connor said...

Thanks for the inspiration for a future post in my own blog! My Amy has been relatively tight-lipped about her first experiences, but the little bit she has told me has been the basis for a LOT of fantasizing. (Her first sexual experience started with her whispering to her boyfriend in a crowd: "I want your cock in my mouth." Can you imagine what that must have been like to hear your virginal girlfriend say that? Oh. My. God.)

Good stuff. Thanks again.

Banana Boy said...

Goddamn, that's a great picture!

This was a really great post to read; had me thinking about my first time and the "first timers" I've had the honour of knowing.
Thanks, Dude.

Kitty's Tiger said...

I simply thought just a great story. Actually the pic is flippin' awsome. Nothing better than a hot chick riding you into the night...awsome