Thursday, January 25, 2007

Just A Few More Hours

No, I'm not planning to make this the "Joe Refrains from Masturbating Blog" and I'll most likely be back to jerking off regularly soon, but I am proud of my recent fortitude in not making myself cum manually. Once again I went without last night. I did my usual evening's worth of downloading smut from The Hun and I did stroke myself for a while as I checked out my new naked gems, but I stopped well short of ejaculating and went to bed feeling a pleasant tingle in my dick without being frustrated or unsatisfied. I couldn't help but notice my precum is flowing heavier now and that it's a lot thicker. And, I couldn't help but to smear a few good drops of it onto my fingertip and then wipe it onto my tongue.

(I always think it odd that back when I'd created my alter ego and Dee and "he" wrote dirty things to each other, I once mentioned something to her about playing with my cock and rubbing the precum around my glans and she asked me in her next letter if I tasted it. It blew my mind that it even occurred to her that a man would taste his own juice because it wasn't something she ever saw me do. I still can't imagine where that came from and any time I've asked her she just kind of gave me a superior smirk.)

Gone are the days when a fantasy, some hardcore sex pictures, and a few skillfully woven erotic words can, on their own, make my cock hard. I don't get fully erect unless I or someone else touches my cock, and rather vigorously. Except on date nights. Then, the sight alone of Dee and her lover undressing each other has my dick straining against my pants and by the time they start to use their mouths to pleasure each other I'm dripping a veritable fountain of precum. With my right hand manning the camera, my left usually tends to my throbbing cock with well placed touches. I think I'll try tonight not to touch myself at all and put myself at the mercy of Dee and Don to give me all the stimulation I'll be craving - after they suck and fuck each other silly first. I'm hoping to achieve a state of hyper-arousal in myself so that my eventual orgasm in Dee's pussy will be mind blowing. Maybe I'll even get a touch of blue balls first. That would be cool - to be that turned on in a way in which I haven't in a long, long time!

It's been a month since Dee's gotten her ass fucked. I know she's craving it from Don and I can't wait to watch her cum hard while he skewers her between the buns in just a few hours. And I can barely wait to cum myself because I've been waiting for what seems like an eternity to me.

And, oh yeah... If you're the asshole who's visited here the past two days and tried to post a spam comment in broken English which is nothing but an attempt to advertise your own download site for Firefox, fuck off! I'll delete you every time, so don't waste your blog breath.
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1 comment:

KYCM said...

Just two things.....

1) I am so excited for you all. Hold off to give Dee the best, after Don has made her cum and cum and filled her cute little as so she can cum some more. Then enjoy your long awaited "blue balls" Can't wait to hear how wonderful it is for you all to have been together again.

2) Why does some asshole always have to spoil the good in our fun. Nasty notes, spam, trying to interject sites...all that BS. We all are just enjoying our wonderful lives and the good of them and they all have to try to fuck it up. Stay Vigilant Joe....Good Job my Man!!

Hugsssssssss D & J,