Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Keeping It In My Pants

Talk about making a splash! I positively flooded Dee's pussy last night when I had my first orgasm after three days of abstinence. I'll grant you that going three days without a climax isn't something most guys would expect to receive a medal for, but in my case it's noteworthy because it's a rare day for me to go without at least one.

After I wrote yesterday's entry here, I went up to the bathtub and used the toy I made for myself from a piece of PVC pipe to strum on my prostate. I watched the clock and forced myself to endure nearly 15 minutes of steady play while I resisted mightily the maddening desire to cum that the stimulation was urging me toward. I was even more aware of the full feeling inside me after I got out of the tub and starting working on supper and the feeling continued throughout the evening. When Dee and I finally got to bed my urgent need to squirt inspired an extra measure of passion in me, but even then I kept myself in check so as not to rush things toward their gooey finish too soon and took the time to suck on Dee's big nipples, knead her hot buns, and lick her pussy with relish, lingering on each delicious task even longer than usual and taking no small measure of delight in teasing her so that her desire to climax might be as compelling as my own. When she went off like a rocket on the tip of my tongue, I knew I'd succeeded!

Here I am in this shot from last night sliding out of the fleshy gates of paradise after staying in Dee till I started to shrivel a bit. I actually said to her through an ear to ear grin, after I was done gushing but still up inside her enjoying the last smaller jolts of pleasure with which an orgasm tapers off, that I really should jerk off less. She knew I said it half facetiously and chuckled knowing that it will be highly unlikely that I'll stop being a compulsive masturbator who takes advantage of every opportunity to play with myself. And yet, it's tempting to try to masturbate less so I can enjoy my orgasms with Dee even more because last night's climax felt that good!

My extra thick cum slides down between Dee's
buns in this second shot from last evening.

I have the house to myself at the moment and Dee won't be home for another hour. My pants are still on. I'm going to try to hold off again, at least through tomorrow evening when, barring a snow storm, I'll watch Don make Dee cum repeatedly with his fingers and his tongue, and then his cock drilling into her pussy in various positions before giving her the ultimate orgasms when he works toward cumming in her ass. I want to feel the same fullness that I'm still feeling behind my balls for the hour or so that my wife and her lover will lick, suck, diddle, and fuck each other before I'll join in. Then, hopefully I'll achieve an even stronger climax than I did last night. If I do, it'll be one for the books.

Wish me luck. It's tough saying, "No," to myself!
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Anonymous said...

Great writing and fantastic photos!

Mac said...

Yes, I can imagine the idea of less masturbation when an orgasm feels that wonderful. The pictures are divine, especially the one of your cum oozing out of Dee. Delicious. It is hard to masturbate less for us compulsive masturbators but it might be worth a try when you've got a lady like Dee. Be sure and give your loyal readers a report as to your success.

Mac said...

Beautiful as usual, Joe.

KYCM said...

Thanks for keeping me smiling with your "wit and wisdom"......and all the fantastic pictures of the Sensual and Sensational Dee. You kids rock and so glad to hear about tonight when all three of you will enjoy more of the fantastic fun you all have.....WAAAAAAAA...I wanna play too!!

Alfie said...

Incredible photos! Especially the bottom one.