Saturday, January 13, 2007

Panties And A Smile

Besides the explicitly posed "Here I am! Come fuck me!" types of pics that I enjoy taking of Dee for the guys who write to her with their fantasies about her, I also like taking regular "slice of life" pictures with Dee in various stages of dress and undress, usually just to send to Mike or Don. I don't need to be careful about hiding her face and recognizable parts of our house in such shots, and I like showing her off most of all to the guys who actually make love with her regularly because they know how what they're seeing of her feels in the flesh. On occasion I've sent to Mike pictures of Dee putting on in the morning the very clothes he'll be taking off her later that same day. I don't know what I did for fun before digital cameras and sharing Dee came along!

Dee strikes a smile and a naughty girl pose in a shot
I took for Mike this morning featuring the panty color
of the day to satisfy his curiosity about such things.

I've moaned here at different times about the guys on the wife picture posting forums who seem pathetic in practically begging for interaction with other guys in response to the pictures they post of their wives. And some of the guys who are nearly pleading for comments and feedback have the lousiest pictures - grainy - dark - blurry - and shot, it would appear by the angles, without their wives even knowing that they were the subjects of their husbands' lenses. It dawned on me a few days ago that I should cut these guys a break with my attitude about them. They're doing all they can. They probably harbor the same fantasies about sharing their wives that I once did and showing off the few pictures they can manage to sneak of their wives is as close as they'll probably come to realizing their dreams. So maybe I'll make that a small, tardy New Year's resolution - to stop looking with disdain at the guys who beg for monitor shots, tributes, and "Let's trade pics of our wives and talk about them on the phone while we jerk off," offers.

Mike lives about an hour and a half south of here and Don's about 45 minutes to the northeast. What are the chances that the two of them would just happen to meet up at a particular store down Mike's way this afternoon? They did just that! Small World Syndrome as I call such a coincidence always amuses me.
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