Monday, February 12, 2007

Almost Heaven (Not in West Virginia)

I think I can honestly say that I have no major sexual fantasies left that haven't been fulfilled in the past four and a half years. There's a little one, though, that I'd still like to make happen.

I'd love to shoot a series of pictures of Dee with a relatively young guy, like in his late 20s or so, to create the sort of pictorial that was so popular in the men's mags in the late 70s where they did all they could to show people having sex, but not really. Imagine a hard cock a hair's breadth away from touching a set of wet lips or almost kissing a pair of labia swollen with desire - close enough to feel the woman's warmth, but not quite there. Or one of my favorites with a string of precum stretched tenuously from a guy's meatus to the very tip of a lady's tongue. I'd like to do an entire shoot like that, with Dee and the guy in every conceivable position where his cock is almost ready to penetrate her, but not actually entering her. I want to get so close with the lens that you can practically feel the guy's cock trembling with the desire to be inside her and her aching need to feel him filling her.

There's just something about those "eternally poised" pictures that call to me. They're almost hotter than the full penetrative kind. Almost.

Tyler's hard and throbbing with the need
to be inside Dee, but he's not there yet.

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goodgirlgonebad said...

I agree about the photos...The saliva or precum strung between his cock and her mouth..His cock just waiting to plunge deep inside her pussy...You imagine how you might feel at just, those moments ..passion, desire, and aching lust...waiting for a release.....GREAT photo Ideas!! ( I can't wait!)
Have you seen Steven Ian's work?
Incredibly sexy, stuff!!!!

MikeCindynJoe said...


Explanation, please.

Dee's Husband Joe said...

Mike, you don't know your players without a program. Our program is at Dee's Hot Wife History A search for Tyler reveals that we saw him on September 15th of '05.