Sunday, February 04, 2007

On Today's Brighter Side

In about 45 minutes we'll be heading up to Don's house to take advantage of the opportunity to get in a rare weekend romp.

From Dee's chat with Don:

Dee: I love feeling your hugs and kisses
Don: I'm smiling now
Don: and I confess that my cock is out of my pants
Dee: is it hard for me?
Don: always
Dee: licccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Don: can you do something for me?
Dee: what would you like?
Don: reach down and put a finger inside your pussy
Don: and then rub your clit
Don: and pretend it's my tongue
Dee: you are making me wet
Don: I cant wait to lick your ass too
Dee: mmm
Don: and to fuck your ass until I shoot my load deep inside you
Dee: I like that! It feels so good
Don: and I love hearing you cum
Don: you got me so hot last time when I was fucking your ass and you were begging me to cum inside your ass

Dee: I like feeling you tense up and then spray inside me.
Don: I'm so glad you like me playing with your ass

Here's what I'll be seeing later when Don slips up into
Dee's eager ass. Even better than the sight, though, will
be the sounds of Dee orgasming hard and encouraging
Don with her dirty talk to fill her ass with his scalding cum.
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Kitty said...

Yum Yum. You guys have a great Sunday romp. Wish I could join you for some fun.

Nymph Whore Slut said...

i share dee's feeling about the "tensing" and the "spraying." for my money, there just isn't a better feeling on this earth than when a man throbs and ejaculates inside of me...whichever cavity being irrelevant to the experience...

love the photo...wish i was brave enough to post more sex pics... that looks sooo hot... thank you for sharing.