Friday, February 23, 2007

On Top of Things

Ron's cock firmly embedded in Dee.
You'll see a little more of him below.

We missed out last night not only on our usual date night with one of the guys, but even on our own fun here at the house because in addition to Dee's hip being out of whack she was feeling queasy all evening too. There's play practice at the high school till about 7 this evening today, though, so the plan is for us to head upstairs as soon as Dee gets home from work and then to have our dinner later.

You know, whether or not Dee and I have the opportunity to make love, the more important thing is that she wants to even when and if we can't. There were so many years during which she never wanted to that now just knowing that she wishes she could get naked with me makes my day.

I love the evolution of our love life as it progresses. Sex has been a lot more meaningful to me over the course of our past four and two-third years of sharing Dee with her lovers. It's almost like that hokey saying on the butterfly poster about loving something so much that you set it free to see if it comes back to you at which point you know it's truly yours and if it doesn't then it was never yours to begin with. There's something very precious in Dee loving her time with me even after sampling the love making styles of over two dozen other men in our various extramarital experiences. I can quite objectively say that a good number of those gents can fuck rings around me, yet here I am - the lucky one who gets to bed Dee regularly - the one she loves with all her heart.

So much of my focus about sex has to do with our past and Dee's past even before we met. Some things have great significance to me for various reasons. When Dee took me into her pussy for the very first time back on the bed in her dorm room, she did so quite literally. I was lying flat and she mounted me, guiding me up inside her, and then easing the length of her sweet pussy down along my excited shaft. One of the two ways she made love with Richie was with her on top as well, which makes the position a significant one for me, as does the fact that her very first extramarital fuck, with Don, was with her on top of him.

Mike #2 was thrusting his cock up into Dee's
appreciative pussy when I snapped this shot.

There's something about seeing Dee's hot ass in motion while she's atop a lover's dick that really excites me, and because the view is fantastically unobstructed (like by a set of full, hanging balls, for example) I particularly enjoy seeing a hard cock in her pussy or ass when she's riding high. I've even been known, on occasion, to lick Dee's taut asshole or her guy's nuts while he's skewering her from below. I love seeing her moving up and down while her guy is just lying there enjoying the attention just as much as it thrills me to see him actively fucking up into her. Of course bonus points are awarded if he's moving too and matching her downward motions with his upward thrusts, though that can be hard to achieve and keep in sync.

Ron's bringing Dee to orgasm with firm, powerful
thrusts of his full shaft into her delicious cunt.

I'm going to stop now because I'm in a bit of a rambling mood. A little over an hour from now and my precum should be flowing like a small fountain as I'm helping Dee out of her undies.

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bad influence girl said...

oh my god the new blogger sucks so much ass it's not even funny. and not the good kind where you get your ass licked either.

anyway i love those gifs, they really are mesmerizing.

if you like send me an email about dee's hip, i may be able to give you some useful advice.

Anonymous said...

what an awesome piece of blogging to come home to this two absolutely rock and are such an the vid that you have there do you make those so they run in the blog...hugs

Mr. & Mrs SW said...

Hope Dee is feeling better soon.

nirvana said...

Love the GIFs. Such a snug fit!