Thursday, February 15, 2007

Snow, Precum, and HNT

And so the dastardly snow came and fell all day yesterday. It was good that we started our day in the bedroom because by evening we were tired and sore from moving snow multiple times. The damned city plows kept building a wall of the shit beside my car and after each pass we were out there digging it out yet again.

Here's a shot that Dee took about midway through the storm. Yes, she has her own digital camera. I really need to encourage her to do some naked self pics like those girls who hold their cameras at arm's length and snap away for the commercial websites. I'd really love to talk her into shooting herself like Lara does at 1000 Words, but I know she'd say it would be too much like work with mounting the camera on a tripod, setting the timer, and jumping into position to strike a fetching pose.

I, on the other hand, think it's a labor of love to take naked pics of anyone, even myself. Why here I am just yesterday getting my balls licked royally and dripping precum in anticipation of having my cock engulfed by Dee's warm mouth. Before I could ask her to stretch that glob of precum between my cock and the tip of her tongue for a pic she had wrapped her lips around me and the opportunity was gone. I was thrilled just the same, though. She used to think that precum was gross and wipe it onto my belly before putting her mouth to my dick so I kind of love now when she slides me along the length of her tongue into her pretty face even when I'm oozing the stuff copiously.

It might seem odd, but I feel most loved when Dee does something in the bedroom that she never or rarely did before her sexual awakening. It doesn't cheapen such acts in the least or make them feel any less special when I see her do the same things with her lovers. Yes, she enjoys all of the things she does with the guys, but in a sense everything she does, even with them, she does for me in continuing to fulfill my fantasy of seeing her enjoy sex with other men.

Finally, an official shot for HNT. I took this one many years ago when Dee's posing for the camera was so I'd go jerk off to the pictures rather than bug her for sex. Even though her heart wasn't in making those pics I loved that she did them for me. Over 100,000 photos later and I haven't tired yet of shooting them or of looking at them.

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KYCM said...

S, PC, and HNT,
Easy as 1, 2, 3, and a whole lot better...well 2 and 3 are anyway. The only good of the snow, is that you two got to have some fun due to it.
Now I am enjoying it too. Happy HNT and keep blogging.
Thanks Dee and Joe...You know..hehehe.


Mac said...

What a dynamite ass! ! Mercy!