Saturday, February 03, 2007

Thumbs Up!

For as much as I love watching Dee and a lover engage in extended foreplay with fingers, lips, tongues, and their fun parts offering to each other many delicious sensations, and for as much as I marvel at the sight of a man working one of Dee's receptive holes with his hard and excited cock, when you get right down to it, it's all about the orgasms. When Dee's toes curl, her belly and buns spasm, and she gets that other worldly look on her face in the grip of climax, the spot where I'm standing becomes holy ground. And when an evening's play is punctuated by one or more of her lover's climaxes, I'm awestruck every single time in knowing in that precise moment that my wife is receiving his cum into her body. That she's reveling in her role as the pleasure giver by punctuating their mutual affection in bringing her lover to orgasm.

I like when a man announces that he's about to spill into Dee so I can be sure to take some photos while he's ejaculating. Because his cock will be in Dee when he's squirting the gush of his semen won't be evident in any of the shots, but I like to know when I'm viewing the picture sets, sometimes years later, when it was that his cock felt that first amazing rush of pleasure and volleyed its first warm splash into Dee. When a lover indicates that he's about to cum I often put an extended finger or a thumb in the foreground of the next picture I snap to tell myself later that it was just about to happen - that he was a split second away from the intense pleasure he was about to experience inside my wife's precious body. Sometimes those subsequent shots show little of the very intimate action because chances are he's pushing his cock as deep inside Dee as he can manage while he's filling her with his cum, yet they're always among the hottest pictures I take for myself because I know what's happening even if I can't see it.

My finger indicates that in the very next picture I'll snap
Ted will experience his most intense pleasures with
Dee while he fills her with his warm cum.

Tomorrow I should have the pleasure of seeing Don's balls pressed tight against Dee's buns while he sprays his pleasure into her ass. Both he and we will be free for a while during the early afternoon and we'll be joining him for an unexpected weekend blast. He just wrote to Dee a little while ago, "I do have a fantasy request, if you don't mind... Would it be possible for you to pack the dress you wore to that party and bring it along? I'd LOVE to see you dressed in that with nothing on underneath!" I'm not sure if we'll manage to sneak it out since we'll be dropping our daughter off at work before we head up to meet with Don, but she does look pretty amazing in that dress and I hope Don will get to see her in it before he sees her out of it.

It's only 8:30 AM as I write this and already the precum
is flowing out of my cock as I'm picturing Don's fingers
tomorrow sliding between Dee's creamy tits and this
dress to slide it down and bring her stiff nipples into view.

Have a joyful weekend!
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1 comment:

deeslittlemike said...

You are right Joe, Dee does look wonderful and so beautiful in that dress. Just the thought of seeing her like that makes me hard. I hope she can wear it for Don.

Since I first saw the picture in the online catalog I have thought of seeing Dee in that dress. Mmmmmmmm

Enjoy buddy!