Sunday, March 04, 2007

A Good Saturday

Yesterday was one of those perfect days with Dee. She was still hurting, but a little less - enough to make the whole day just wonderful.

She invited the camera and me to accompany her to the shower.

I was hard and dripping before she was done teasing me with her wet body, but we had plans to head out of town and had no time to play around before leaving. I got a promise for later, though, which buoyed me all day as I thought about getting Dee out of her clothes again and spending some quality naked time with her.

Our trip was really nice. We visited a friend and her family about an hour away and then had lunch at a superb wing place. On the way back we diverted from our usual course home 'cause kiddo wanted to see if they had any good shoes at a particular store. We got home later and laid down for naps - Dee in our bed and me on the couch. After about an hour kiddo woke me to take her to work. After I got back I looked at some pics of Dee and other naked ladies while toying lightly with my dick and I gave Dee another hour of sleep before heading upstairs. My coming up the steps roused her from her slumber and she met up with me in the bathroom while I was giving my cock and balls the once over with a hot washcloth.

Dee was feeling good. Not perfect and not free from the chronic pain, but she was quite playful in posing for the camera for a while before we started in on our foreplay. I took a long, delicious time nuzzling her whole body and kissing her bare skin all over. It was like coming home after a long absence not because we haven't been intimate but because it was the first time in weeks that I could take my time in savoring my wife's sweet body. After visiting all of my favorite places I settled in with my tongue between her folds, taking as long there as I could to urge her on the slow climb to orgasm and then holding on for dear life while licking her through her climax.

After relaxing for a while after she came Dee laid me back and returned the oral favors, sucking my cock slowly but with passion and a lot of tongue action while making those little, "Mmmmm," sounds as if she were feeling the pleasure she was giving to me. When her tongue drifted below my balls I felt my cock pulsing in sync with my heartbeat. She gave me as long a licking down there as I could stand before I needed to cum, and when I slipped up inside her there was nothing I could do to prolong it past my first quick crescendo to climax. By then her pains were worsening so the timing was good, but I wished I could have kept myself inside her forever with my cock pumping an ocean of warm cum into her snug pussy.

Dee encouraged me to put my tongue to
her pussy by striking a most inviting pose.

After having meant to for a while, this morning I finally got around to looking through a few of the mails that Dee and I had sent to each other nearly five years ago when I was writing to her and pretending to be a guy from Jersey, a few months before her first extramarital experience. This is the letter I sent to her the day after she told me that Joe, (I), fucked her in the ass for the very first time the night before.

Ahh the power of words!

Your words! Never in 'real life' have I met a woman who can seduce me with words the way you do and the way you enjoy doing it only makes it all the more seductive and arousing to me. I turn this computer on in the morning and wait for it to boot up as if I were sitting here waiting for you to come into the room wearing something sheer and alluring, filling the room with your new perfume, beaming with that smirk. Everything you write oozes with the pleasure you get from enticing, exciting, arousing a man... and how much you enjoy wielding the sublime power you know you have to play with a man's brain. I can almost imagine you kneeling in front of me, just talking to me and watching my cock stiffen up from the effect of your words alone... talking more until my precum begins to flow... telling me you want to watch me taste it... and then collecting a little drop on your finger and feeding it to me.

Your sexual power really does me in every time, D. You know a man so incredibly well. I can almost imagine (fantasy time) you ordering a man (me) to take off all his clothes with you still fully clothed and then tying him spread eagled to a four poster bed... crawling beside him... rubbing his chest lightly while telling him how hard your nipples are beneath your shirt... stroking his inner thighs and telling him how wet your pussy is getting... Maybe unbuttoning your shirt so he can see your bra... running your fingertips lightly through his pubic hair, then baring your breasts and putting them teasingly to his mouth but pulling away as he tries to lick your stiff nipples. Can you imagine the exquisite torture of wanting to touch and feel your beautiful body, but being bound and completely in your power and control?

Slipping your pants down and off your legs... tickling his balls with your finger tips... telling him through your smirky grin how eager your pussy is becoming to feel him inside... telling him how you're dripping and how your clitoris and vulva are swelling up in anticipation... snaking a finger tip to the secret spot below his heavy balls while making him beg you to touch his aching cock and chuckling when he does. Taking off your panties in a grand, slow display of your aroused bottom... running the panties over his nose... asking him if he can tell how eager your pussy is for him by the scent of your juices on the fabric.

Straddling his face now, one leg coming over his head... warning him that if he tries to lick you yet you'll stop and leave him there tied to the bed for an hour... telling him just to look.. to study your swollen pink folds, the little pucker of your anus, to watch your juice seeping from your aroused pussy. Blowing lightly on his hard cock so he can feel your warm breath and ache even more for your touch... pressing your ass back hard against his face then and telling him to lick your back door...

Have you ever teased a man like that? If you haven't, it's kind of what you do to me in your words. Your little snippets, things you did in the past, things you've done recently with Joe... they fuel the passion I begin to feel just in seeing that full "Dee Xxxxxxxxx" in the in-box which tells me that it's a Yahoo! mail specifically tailored to make me need to cum as much as I want to right now.

So, for the first time in your life you allowed a cock to enter you through your back door last night? I can't imagine you weren't asked in the past to do that... what changed your mind, Dee? How did it feel when his head pressed against you there and slowly worked its way into your beautiful ass? Were you on your knees, your side, or on your back? I want to know so I can imagine that it was I who took your virginal ass for the first time. Did you make him take it slow the whole time or were you eventually receptive enough for him to "fuck" your ass hard and deep? Just your telling me that you did that for the very first time is so highly arousing that if you hadn't written another word I'd need to cum as much as I do now.

When you talk of a man rubbing his semen into your bare flesh as if it were a lotion, it gets to me too. Yes, since you told me about that a while ago, I have imagined squirting onto your body sometimes rather than inside you, sometimes on your breasts and belly, sometimes onto and between your buns, and especially spraying it all over your smooth and sleek back, and then anointing you with it... smearing it around while it's still warm, making your flesh glisten with it. I've also imagined you stroking me to orgasm and making me shoot onto your bare flesh, and then watching you rub it in.

I wish you could see how hard you make me and how much precum you make me leak during this verbal foreplay of ours. My own fingers have never felt as good on my excited cock as they do when I imagine them to be be your own fingers, your lips, tongue, pussy, and... now your ass too. I stroke this stiff cock of mine, usually with your picture (either the one by the craft table or the one of your back) in a window on the screen and the things you've written to me flow through my brain one after another... not in order, but so exciting... how you told me that your first lover taught you to wrap your legs around his back... how Will felt your breasts in the woods and you touched his cock... how you made the three guys you knew back then cum with your mouth... how you imagine me licking up a drop of my own precum... They're the thoughts passing through my brain when my buns contract for that second which feels like an eternity before I start to cum. Then my brain freezes... I look at your picture and my aching cock explodes with pleasure as it begins to pump out my hot cream all over my chest and belly. The first shot might be dribbling down my balls before the final blast is delivered, and even after I'm finished ejaculating, the tiny dry spasms that follow are almost equally exquisite.

Yes, my dear Dee... the power of words. Your words which are the most exciting that I've ever read... the ones that make me hard and make me cum just the way you know they're going to when you're writing them to me. There are probably hundreds of thousands of pictures of totally nude women on the net that I could have on this monitor when I'm gushing... but who am I looking at when I'm moaning deep in my throat and squirting all over myself? D-e-e! Thank you, lady... my own personal seductress... 'cause here I CUM again!

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Anonymous said...

What a hot story....would love to read more about how things were between the two of you back then....what a lucky and wonderfully sexy couple you've gotten me very wet this morning....BG

Alfie said...

Fantastic post! And what pictures - especially the open invitation!

D said...

That was so sweet Joe and hot. Hope Dee's pain continues to improve. Mac

Mr. & Mrs SW said...

Glad to see Dee feeling better. Maybe wont be long until she is back in the pink