Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sex. Breakfast of Champions!

I didn't have to wait long for a substantial return on last night's cunnilingus "freebie." I got up this morning and had barely gotten in a few sips of coffee and a couple of peeks at the morning's offering of nude MILFs at Wife Lover's when Dee asked if I wanted to do some morning playing. A quick run up the stairs and a drop of the pants later I laid my bare ass down on the bed and Dee was already scrambling to wrap her lips around my stiffening dick, presenting her bare back and gorgeous ass to me as she settled into one of our favorite cock sucking positions.

I felt her soft lips start moving skillfully up and down my shaft when I licked a few fingers and reached down between Dee's buns. She was a little forward of the mark and I couldn't quite reach her pussy so my fingertips glided up and down her ass crack while she sucked me. All I could think about whenever my fingers slid over the tight ring of her puckered asshole was the sight of Don's cock working her there and the sounds of her amazing climaxes when he does. When Dee had me as hard as a rock she moved her face down and put her mouth to my balls. Rock turned to steel and after Dee did a few lingual laps around my nuts I needed to be in her pussy. I asked her to roll over and she most graciously complied.

Just about to slide up into my wonderful wife.

I can't think of a better way to start a Sunday. I wondered who else in church might have gotten laid before leaving the house, but I didn't see any other grins even remotely resembling mine.

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Willy said...

Let us hope that only the Deacon up at the front had one of those grins this morning!!

Suze said...

Who wants to go to church when you can worship at the font of sexual enlightenment... ;)

Mac said...

Joe, that is truly a beautiful picture and I'm not kidding. Mac

Alfie said...

Thanks for sharing. You manage some wonderful close-ups. I'm still trying to get anything approaching that quality.