Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Wednesday Kind of Stuff

Gary's been in town since Sunday and we've seen him a few times over the course of the past three days in between his tending to his duties with his brother and his fun times with his local boyfriend. Last night he took Dee and me out to dinner where once again my impatience in waiting for the delivery of the entrée amused him.

Today he and I were talking about sex stuff and I was rolling my eyes as he was going on and on about how the choice of underwear makes the man and how hot a guy looks in a pair of boxer briefs. I interrupted him (The only way to get a word in edgewise when Gary's on a roll.) to make the point that when it comes to sex, with either men or women, I have little use for fancy doo-dads in the undie department. Just take it all off so we can get down to business is my credo. Gary chuckled and compared my impatience with undressing to my expecting the entrée to arrive at the table post haste.

He's right, of course. I don't like waiting. Not for anything.

Dee went to the doctor today. Got a couple of shots and they took an x-ray. We should have the results in a week or so.

When we were killing time and waiting to leave for the appointment I suggested that she slide down her sweat pants for the camera and me. I took a number of delicious shots. Here's one of my favorites.

And now a little something for Cockbloggingwednesday. After that entry about Dee kissing Will's cock out in the woods I started going through some of the picture sets today to find a nice shot of her kissing (Not licking. Not sucking. Just kissing. I know I have a shot or two of that somewhere.) one of the guys' cocks. I ran out of time when I got through the end of 2002 and hadn't found one yet, but I did come across this snap in which she seems to be trying to fuck the tip of my cock with the tip of her tongue. A lot of folks seem to be doing the Photoshop thing lately, so what the heck? I putzed with it.

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Blissfully Wed said...

I love how you share.



hot & horny housewife said...

That is definitely one beautiful ass.

Rolan said...

Hail to the Glorius Globes of Mrs Dee !