Wednesday, April 25, 2007

All Into Each Other

We'd been planning to go out tonight - to see Mike and Don both, actually, with their arrival times staggered somewhat, but after having taken Monday off from work with a bad headache and flu-like symptoms Dee figured it would be prudent for us to call off our plans for this evening. I'm glad she did because I started feeling crappy this afternoon - hopefully, not the start of what she had.

I was going through some pictures sets earlier this week and chanced upon a rare photo in which I'm in the shot rather than behind the camera. I like being next to Dee when another guy's in her, but I most often opt not to be for the sake of getting a variety of action pictures from all angles, and because I like to see the actual penetration of her ass or pussy by her lover's cock and then watch him moving inside her. This shot was taken by the husband of a young married couple who joined Don and us a few times some years ago. Unfortunately, he was way more into the extramarital thing than she was and they didn't stick around for the long haul, but we did have a number of very enjoyable experiences with them. That's Don in Dee's pussy with me lying beside them having my dick stroked.

When I'm touching Dee while she's being fucked I feel a closeness to both her and her partner especially in those moments when he's bringing her to climax when I can feel her tensing and releasing as each wave of pleasure rushes through her. Though the obvious full union is between Dee and her lover where they're joined together by his cock, it feels somehow as if all three of us are in each other - each "consumed" by the others in a feeling of oneness that touches me to my core. We never choose as a lover for Dee somebody with whom I don't feel a connection from the outset. When we're ready for Dee to make love with somebody for the first time it's because of how both of us feel about him as a person; he's somebody with whom we want to share the amazing and beautiful gift of Dee's generous sexuality. When I'm a party to their coupling by touching Dee, or her lover for that matter, while they're doing "it," I feel that I'm as much a part of what they're doing as they are themselves. I need a good jolt of that from time to time. It helps me to keep my perspective on how Dee and I relate to the guys we see, and ultimately, to each other.

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S. Pan said...

It's wonderful that you can have that closeness, that you have special friendships with Dee's lovers and not just watch them fuck. True involvment!

S. Pan King

D said...

A oneness of body and mind. Miraculous! ! Mac